1. SEO is not about getting ranked high up on the search results pages for a particular keyword or keyphrase.

2. SEO is not about creating dozens, hundreds or thousands of back links every month.

3. SEO is not about increasing the visibility of your brand through social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

4. SEO is not about creating web content which integrates your chosen keywords or keyphrases as much as you can get away with.

5. SEO is not about bowing to the might of search engine spiders by creating beautifully created, regularly updated site maps

seo6. SEO is not about submitting your website URL to Google and other major search engines to encourage them to crawl, and list your site.

7. SEO is not about opening up the bonnet of each of your web pages, tinkering with meta data, titles, keywords and description.

8. SEO is not about making sure that your website is listed in local business directories and other suitable online directory services.

9. SEO is not about optimising every aspect of every web page, thinking about image filenames, titles and alternative text, integrating appropriate keywords wherever possible.

10 SEO is not about spending three hours a day publishing blog posts, Facebook status updates and Twitter statuses.

So what is SEO about then? Each of these 10 points (and there are many more I could have included) are not what SEO is about simply because they are not the end, but the means to an end only. Ultimately what SEO is about is generating more business for your business, increasing sales and increasing revenue, through a range of online marketing techniques.

Too often people can focus on the process of SEO as though it was an end in itself, and believe that as long as they push all the right buttons and follow the formula correctly, they will inevitably improve the value, status and success of the business. This is unlikely to happen, and SEO is only ever truly effective if you remember clearly that it is a process, a means to an end, and that unless you keep your eye firmly on the real goal, you’ll end up wasting a great deal of time, money and effort.

Focus on what you really want your SEO to achieve, and make sure you set in place methods and strategies which will help you ensure that your SEO is delivering, and not simply making use of the free time you have because business hasn’t picked up yet.

How is your SEO strategy working for you? If you feel it can be improved upon why not contact Webpresence to discuss how we can help you achieve true online success.