1. You rate your success on the number of people following you on Twitter, rather than on the number of sales you’re converting.

2. You check how many times your tweets have been re-tweeted at least 8 times a day, and still find there aren’t any.

3. You can’t understand why people aren’t re-tweeting your adverts for you.

social media marketing4. You went to school with most of your Facebook ‘Fans’. The rest are related to you.

5. A third of your tweets are asking people to retweet your tweets. The other third are your own retweets.

6. You’ve heard someone talk about social marketing ROI, but can’t see the relevance – after all, Twitter is free.

7. You spend hours every day checking Twitter and updating your status, only occasionally wondering if you should update your profile too, to include things like a background, your website address and bio.

8. You can’t understand why you have 500 Facebook Fans, but no orders from any of them.

9. You don’t see the point of social bookmarks. After all, your favourite websites are already bookmarked in Firefox.

10. You’ve been signed up to Twitter and Facebook for more than a month and still don’t have an opt in mailing list.


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