Have you ever found yourself at your computer not working? Perhaps you got distracted by an email, or a curiously titled article. Maybe you saw a link on Twitter, or a recommendation on Facebook and felt compelled to find out more. And then you found yourself wanting to share it too, helping to distract other people from the things they ought to be doing. But have you ever considered the benefits to your business of being the person who creates the content and resources which distract other people, compel them to click the link and to find out more, and to share it with their friends, sending it viral?


viral marketing diagram


Take ten points off if you just thought to yourself, ‘yes, great, I’d love to, but viral is what happens to other people’s content. I couldn’t do it.’

Yes, viral is what happened to other people’s content. Why? Because they’re writing it, and you’re reading it. If the only reason you haven’t had content go viral is because you believe that only happens to canny advertising gurus, think again. Anyone can create viral content.

But is there value in even attempting this? Most definitely. An article about vegetarianism recently struck a chord with a great many people and within days had been shared over 14,000 times. Just think – that’s 14,000 inbound links to your site. 14,000 different people all voting publically for your content. This sends a clear message to the search engines that your site is active, that’s it’s relevant and current and that it is addressing the needs of its audience. That’s a powerful message to be conveying, and if you don’t think that will have much impact on your site’s traffic and search results ranking then you’re missing the whole point of SEO.

So going viral is definitely something to consider, but of course I’d be dishonest if I suggested even for a moment that there is any guaranteed way of achieving this feat. There’s a good deal of luck involved. But just as there’s a lot of luck involved in winning the lottery, your chances are multiplied infinitely if you actually buy a ticket.

Have you ever had content go viral? Have you tried to create viral content yourself? What have your experiences been? All questions/tips welcomed!



Image Credit: http://wdtalk.com