Using Twitter Too Much1. Your stalker quit because they were sick and tired of hearing every last detail of your life.

2. You just sent another tweet before reading point two.

3. You feel hurt at a personal level when someone unfollows you.

4. After three glasses of wine you start getting angry about the fact that ‘unfollow’ isn’t even a word.

5. You put your best friend on hold whilst you tweet to 8,000 people who have never met you.

6. Your opinion of people’s character goes down when you find out they don’t follow you back.

7. You get panicky and slightly paranoid when you realise that your best client follows your main competitor.

8. You start chuckling whilst having sex because you finally came up with a funny response to a recent tweet.

9. You tweet about the fact that you’re now sleeping on the couch.

10. You tweet your divorce announcement.

11. You check Twitter on your phone whilst on the toilet.

12. You smiled at the last comment because it’s true.

13. You find that whenever you try writing anything, every sentence is exactly 140 characters long.

14. You include hashtags in text messages.

15. You actually know where the hash tag key is.

If any of this sounds like you, then before you quit Twitter for good, tweet this post!



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