With the average person spending over 15 minutes every single day on YouTube, and with over 2 billion videos viewed every day, YouTube is a marketing resource that you absolutely cannot ignore. But if you think that capitalising on all that traffic is as easy as shooting a quick video and uploading it, then you’re mistaken.

2 Essential YouTube Marketing Techniques Most People Don't Know About

In fact there are many tips and tricks which will significantly improve the chances of your video being found and viewed, and in a previous blog post I have looked at how to use YouTube as a marketing tool effectively. However, there are a couple of tricks which I did not cover before, and which are now a critical component of successful YouTube optimisation, although it’s surprising just how few people either know about them, or implement them. In this post I’ll cover both tips.

Tip 1: Use Auto Suggest for Keyword Research

Keyword research should be an integral part of your YouTube marketing campaign, and there are several ways of going about this. One of the simplest and often most effective techniques is to use the auto suggest feature which YouTube now provides in the same format as Google. As you enter a keyword or keyphrase the search box will drop down to reveal a list of suggestions. Whilst not all of these will be relevant, very often you’ll find some which are. For example, by entering ‘SMS marketing’ YouTube suggests the following keyphrases:

YouTube's auto suggest tool for keyword research

Tip 2: Integrate Captions Into Every Video

This is a particularly exciting form of optimisation, not the least because hardly anyone has picked up on it yet. YouTube introduced captions a little while back (video below), which enables people to have the words of the video displayed as you can on a television. It’s a service ideal for people who may have impaired hearing. If you’re not familiar with this feature, you can switch captions on by clicking the ‘CC’ button at the bottom right corner of most videos:

YouTube's caption button

Now you might well be asking two things at this point: what have captions got to do with video SEO, and how fiddly and time consuming is it? Well, captions have a great deal to do with SEO simply because Google is now indexing them!

Words and phrases included in the video as speech don’t appear directly in the search results, but your video is listed for them. The fact that videos included in the SERPs usually include a thumbnail as part of the rich snippet format now being used, your video is highly likely to be listed more often, and viewed more frequently.

But just how difficult is it to add captions to your videos? In fact it couldn’t be simpler. If you have a script already written up or you can quickly transcribe the speech into a basic text file this is all you need, because YouTube now has a speech recognition facility (in Beta currently, but it works fine for me) which is able to take the words from a text file and convert them into captions, identifying from the audio part of the video when to display the words being spoken.

Just go to your Video Manager in YouTube, and click the arrow just to the right of the ‘Edit’ button next to one of your videos. This drop down menu now includes ‘Captions’, and if you select this option you can now upload a text file containing the script or transcript of the video, and YouTube will create fully working captions for you in a matter of minutes.

Add captions to your YouTube videos for increased optimisation


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