A Happy New Year from everybody at Webpresence!

2014 was an interesting year for internet marketing and the 2015 prediction posts have already made their way online.

If you believe everything you read then you should concentrate your online marketing efforts this year on content marketing, PPC, local search visibility, and more.

That’s a big lot though, isn’t it? The most surprising thing is how predictable the predictions have been. One year mobile was king, then the next was about clean link profiles, and 2014 was the year content marketing made its breakthrough.

The search industry is based on a funny foundation. Change can happen without warning. But there’s no real front runner this year; the dust has settled on all disciplines.

It makes me think that this year, while there will probably be additions and amendments to platforms such as AdWords, will hopefully be a time when all online marketing methods are considered as practical as each other for certain campaigns.

My prediction for 2015? It will be the year when real creative strategies and clever online marketing really takes hold.


2015's The Time For Creative Marketing To Take Hold


Have you ever dabbled with creative marketing? What have the results been with new and existing customers? Let me know in the comment section below.

Creative outreach with email marketing

One statistic to back me up shows just how important email is to people. A recent study has shown that email is the most important tool for 61 per cent of people working online, with the internet second at 54 per cent.

Email marketing went out of fashion a few years back when mobile search was the next big thing, but it never went away. In fact, if anything, email marketing is stronger than it ever was before with its ability to reach targeted users.

Email marketing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to begin a new creative campaign, with services such as MailChimp and Pure 360 helping to create lists and templates from free to next-to-nothing.


Creative outreach with email marketing


I’ve written before about how fantastic email marketing is for increasing conversions, but its real beauty is how it can be paired with anything to improve your online visibility, whether you’re content marketing, using social media, link outreach, local search, and much more besides.

If you consider the current size of a site like BuzzFeed and that the catalyst for it began from an email exchange with Nike is astounding and, more importantly, highlights how important human input is alongside technology when online marketing.

Defining creative marketing

For me email marketing is one of the most important and broadest ways you can reach people, especially if you have ethical ways for your company to collect data and interact with customers.

It can complement any strategy you have for your online business, especially if you’re looking to implement more creativity for 2015.

How do you define creativity, though? Creative’s a word that can be interpreted a number of ways. Some consider creativity to mean visual flair while others consider creativity to mean having a deep cultural impact.

When it comes to business though you need your creativity to help generate revenue as well as complementing the social impact you want to achieve, which can be tougher than it sounds…

What creative marketing strategies are you looking to implement in 2015? What are your goals for the year ahead? Let me know below!

Sending a creative message

There are a huge number of creative marketing examples out there for you to consider. Take a look at how UNICEF brought the attention of disease-ridden water in third-world countries to the citizens of New York with a fine piece of guerrilla marketing:



But most smaller companies obviously don’t have the time or resources to invest in a custom vending machine and video team to make an impact.

EasyJet create emails with lots of images and offers designed to appeal to a large range of travellersEmail to the rescue, then, and the simplicity of it, its ease of use and long-term reliability (especially if you keep hard copies of your lists) make an excellent starting point for creative campaigns.

Coming back to BuzzFeed they do email very well, with their efforts an excellent example of how to share your content in the right way to subscribers that are likely to share with their friends.

How? By encouraging subscribers and keeping the content of their emails in line with everything they publish on-site to encourage familiarity with their voice and let people know what they’re all about should people forward the emails. It’s creative content marketing at its finest.

But what about getting more people to sign up to use your services? Twitter has been looking to attract more users to use its ad features and has been using a creative email strategy to encourage people to give the network a chance.

Twitter’s emails are targeted toward people that may tweet for business or on a B2B basis, but they’re creative in the way that they don’t give you a hard sell.

Twitter’s emails are image heavy with some examples including infographics of the benefits of advertising through their platform. Though, the infographics don’t clog up the email; rather they link through to the image while strong copy offers statistics on why you should invest.

I’ve mentioned the power of incentives when marketing online, and that’s something EasyJet do in their emails with lots of images and offers designed to appeal to a large range of travellers.

Offers have previously ranged from sunny breaks abroad on the airline’s route to city breaks, late offers, and deals from specific airports (such as London) all in the same email to try and capture the interests of many.

Being creative in your strategy doesn’t necessarily mean doing something enormous and clever to set the world alight. Catching the interests of your target audience and creating relationships with them to grow your business is the kind of creativity you should be aiming for when starting out.


If you’d like to know more about creative marketing and how the right strategy can help boost interaction with your customers contact Webpresence today!