So you’re about to sit down and punch out another 800 word SEO article for your business. Have you considered the alternatives?

Don’t get me wrong, well written search engine optimised articles which take full advantage of the very latest understandings in areas such as Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) are still hugely powerful and effective. In fact since the Google Panda update quality is now even more important than ever, and that’s good news for those businesses who do spend time creating quality articles. Why? Because a great deal of the poor quality rubbish blocking the view has now sunk, giving you an even better chance than before of making each and every article count.

SEO ArticlesBut sometimes just writing an 800 word article and publishing it to a few article directories might be losing you the chance to create a more varied marketing approach. Here are three examples of things you could do with your article either instead of, or in addition to publishing it to your selected article directories.

1. Record an interview style video of you, using the article as a script. You’d be surprised just how easy this is. Simply copy and paste your article into a site such as, and you’ll be able to read your article in the same way newsreaders read the news. This video can then be uploaded to repository sites such as YouTube, with suitable keyword tags and links included.

2. Split the article into two or three sections, and use them as blog posts. Link to the blog posts from Facebook and Twitter.

3. Create a regular newsletter which people can sign up for, helping you to create a valuable mailing list, using the article within the newsletter to provide something that’s of real value to people. After the newsletter has been mailed out you can still use the article online.