It seems that there are still a huge number of online business owners who feel that they are capable of carrying out their own SEO rather than enlisting the help of experienced SEO specialists. The trouble is that not only is the world of search engine optimisation incredibly complex and changing daily, but mistakes can often prove incredibly costly in the long term.

The three main mistakes made by those who attempt to carry out their own search engine optimisation include:

1. Using black hat SEO tactics, sometimes without even realising it. Including hidden text, jump pages, buying links and even using misspelt domain names are all examples of black hat SEO tactics which could result in a domain being demoted in search engine result pages (SERPs), or even blacklisted entirely.

2. Focussing solely on one SEO method that they’ve read had positive results for others. The trouble is that focussing on one SEO method, such as keyword placement or keywords in domain names is not going to cut it. Effective SEO has to include a diverse range of methods to not only appeal to the major search engines, but also to other ways in which people find information out today, such as through social media strategies.

3. Many people who see their SEO approaches having a positive effect feel that the job is done. SEO is never done – it is a constant process that is only ever done when you decide to close down your business. Walk away from SEO and even if your business is at #1, it will begin to drop so fast you’d better not blink or you’ll miss it.

With new developments in search engine technology being revealed every week, new trends in the way people research information on the web and even different ways in which people access the web it is critical to ensure that SEO is carried out in a way which is neither harmful to the business, nor a waste of time and effort.

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