There has been a great deal written and shared about Google’s most recent update, named Panda. In fact throughout this blog we’ve said quite a bit about how you should be adapting your online marketing and SEO in order to maximise your advantage. But as well as there being a great deal said about what impact Google Panda is having, and is likely to have, there’s also a great deal of misinformation and misunderstanding related to Google in general and Panda in particular. Here are 3 myths and misunderstandings which have been stated as true by many people who really should know better.

Google Panda Myths1. It’s all over. No it isn’t. The first wave of Panda took place several months ago, and just recently another wave washed over the online world in the guise of something being called Panda 2.2. But it’s far from over yet. In fact Google doesn’t expect to finish rolling out Panda until the end of this year at the very least. There’s a long way to go yet, so don’t think it’s anywhere near over.

2. If your site hasn’t moved much, or is still near the top, you’re safe. Appreciating the fact that we’re probably only about halfway through the Panda update, this is definitely not the case. But more than this, it’s important to be aware of the fact that Google is always rolling out updates. Panda is simply one arm of its development team. There’s more going on right now than Panda alone, and more to come once Panda has been completed. The moment you consider your position in the search results to be safe, you’re on the way down.

3. Google is only focussing on Panda at the moment. Far from it. In fact Google have recently announced themselves that Panda is only one of their current projects. Over the course of this year they actually plan on making around 500 significant changes to the way they work, from small tweaks to their algorithms, new elements to existing algorithms which take into account recent trends, and changes to the way search results are delivered. If you focus on Panda exclusively then you might well be missing other factors which could make a real difference.

Throughout this blog we’ll continue to keep you up to date on Panda developments and online marketing tips in general. But the one thing you shouldn’t do is start thinking it’s all over. Or it will be.