TargetIt’s easy to become so involved with SEO and social media marketing that you become blind to some of the more obvious and fundamental ways in which you can boost traffic to your website. We’re not talking here about just boosting numbers, because that in itself is of course a relatively fruitless exercise.

No, what we’re talking about here is boosting targeted traffic – those people who are likely to have at least a degree of interest in what you’re offering, and who are more likely to convert and make all your hard work worthwhile. You can have the busiest website in the world but if those numbers aren’t translating into sales then you’re on a road to nowhere.

So I thought it would be helpful in today’s post to have a look at some of the methods which people too often forget or ignore, but which could often make much more difference than several more hours updating your Facebook profile, tweeting your backside off or writing a few thousand words between caffeine top-ups.

1. Offline Advertising

You remember that, right? You know, bits of paper? Business cards? Flyers? Newspaper adverts? There are literally scores of offline ways of advertising, from posters and flyers to business cards and promotional items such as pens and t shirts. It will obviously vary from one business to another as to what is suitable, what is relevant and what is likely to be used, seen and remembered, but if you stick your web address on your offline advertising material you’ll almost certainly find that your web traffic increases, and with an improved quality of visitor.

This is largely because these days people tend to remember web addresses more easily than a telephone number, and often people like to find out about a company before committing themselves to a potential sales call they’ll want to wriggle out of if it’s not what they’re after. Customers feel more in control if they visit a website, and so combining these two facts means that offline advertising shouldn’t be ignored.

2. Targeted Advertising

It’s also worth thinking carefully about exactly where you place your offline advertising. Take flyers for example – you could stick 20,000 through every letterbox in town, but if you happen to be selling health foods you’ll miss more times than you hit. Instead you could head to every gym and sports centre in the area and leave flyers under the wipers of every car in the car parks. Targeted offline advertising which includes an easy to remember web address equals increased targeted online traffic.

3. Be Remembered!

Make sure your web address is easy to remember. if not, consider buying an easier to remember web address and setting up a 301 permanent redirect.

If your website address is; ‘’  then don’t be surprised if people ignore your offline advertising. You can easily forget the ‘http://’ part, and really these days the ‘www’ is irrelevant when advertising offline because most people and browsers add this as standard anyway. Avoid sub directories if you can help it as this makes remembering the address much harder. ‘’ is far more likely to bring in the traffic (and it’s available!

It’s easy to think that people spend all day long online, but that’s not true, and today we’re more easily influenced through the hard work and effort that offline marketing requires than a few quick cheap shots online.

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