If you are a small business trying to decide which marketing strategy to use then there are a few pointers that you should consider. Long gone are the days when consumers actively sought out information. Instead these days we practically expect information to find us, making the usual over engineered marketing campaigns ineffective. Consumers are smarter than ever and the below five trends, that we found useful at kitchen stools direct, could be your best chance at gaining new business.


5 digital trendsTrend Number One – Reputation Engines

As technology has progressed more businesses than ever before have turned to networking sites in order to gain new customers. These sites help to build up a company reputation. Smart phones have also helped with software such as Foursquare, helping to build a business’s reputation. It is a location based networking site which requires users to check in wherever they go.

Twitter has also proved to be invaluable over the past year or so. It is one of the most popular social networking sites which millions of people use. In 2011 there will be more businesses than ever before joining in with the Twitter craze.

Trend Number Two – Start-up Offers

If there’s one thing that people love it’s a chance to be the first to try out a particular service. Sites such as LaunchRock are helping businesses to gain thousands of hits within just a few days. All you do is create a launch page advertising your start-up business. Consumers then flock to your site as they compete to be the first to find out about the new services/products on offer.

Information about users is collected such as contact information. The launch pages are only advertised to those who would have an interest in the business. In 2011 it is predicted that this type of marketing will be one of the most popular.

Trend Number Three – Group Messaging

Another popular trend this year is quickly overtaking Facebook and other social networking websites. Group messaging apps allow you to talk to whoever you want to and to target only specific groups of people. Whatever you announce you know that your clients will receive it no matter where they are.

By targeting a group of people you have a better chance of gaining profit than one to one messaging.

Trend Number Four – QR Codes

Ask most people these days what a QR code is and they will have no idea. However, it is thought that they are going to become quite popular throughout 2011. They have actually been around for quite a long time. They were originally used in Japan to track vehicle parts. These days they can collect information about various products. For example, you can go into a store and use your phone to find out various information about the products there. You do this through QR Code apps.

In order for them to be the most successful, you should make sure that your business QR code links to your URL. This should be your mobile presence URL and not a flash site.

Trend Number Five – Question and Answer Websites

This is another fantastic way of generating business. Businesses can answer any question on these sites and provide their URL. Ideally you should only answer the questions that relate to your type of business. That will give you the best chance of getting the most amount of business. The more questions that you answer and the more knowledgeable that you sound, the more your reputation will build.

These are the top five trends to be aware of in 2011. In order to make your business more profitable, you need to keep up with the latest marketing strategies.

This was a guest post by Lior who is a marketing consultant for Kitchen Stools Direct, a bar stools and kitchen stools online store.