Five essential tips for SMEs to target the right people through Facebook


We talk to a lot of small, local businesses across different industries. The majority have growth ambitions. Tellingly, a lot of them see any future success of their business centred around one thing.

It’s Facebook. Either people keep telling them to ‘get on it’, or they say they’re on it but aren’t seeing results.

It’s understandable why small businesses laud Facebook so much. They see and hear stories of businesses similar to them getting thousands of likes and shares, and are aware of Facebook’s power as an outreach tool.

They crave the ability to communicate with a mass market. Only, it’s not as simple as that. A page we follow (highlighting people who park in a… certain way) made a post the other day asking why, when they have more than 10,000 followers, do their posts only get a small amount of views and barely any shares.

The main reason likely isn’t because of the things they post, but because of Facebook itself. Under the hood, Facebook has changed its technical bits and bobs so people see more posts if the page owner pays money to sponsor a post – a move that saw the company triple its quarterly profits.

Usually a move like that causes widespread outrage, but Facebook can kind of get away with it thanks to the targeting options it provides when you put money its way. Its advertising platform for page owners allows businesses to target specific demographics such as age and gender, location, and even life events.

Partnering with a digital agency experienced with helping brands attract new customers and better-quality leads through Facebook can also give you time to concentrate on other areas of your business, and provide an impressive ROI for your budget.


Facebook marketing management has the potential to unlock so much for your business


Facebook can be deceptively difficult to use, especially for small businesses that have no or little experience producing effective paid social media marketing campaigns.

You may use it on a personal level on a daily basis, but its advertising software can be daunting to use. Do you really have the time and patience to learn about Facebook Pixel?

Even then there’s no guarantee for your campaign’s success, but you’ll stand a greater chance of success if you plan ahead with a creative, inbound-focused strategy and consider what we think are the most important things small business need to do on Facebook when starting out:

1: Profile the people you want to target

Not just with Facebook, but for your business as a whole. It sounds like common sense, but a lot of businesses start up blind. The business that knows who wants and is likely to pay for their products has a much better chance of their doors being open in the long-term.

Facebook’s advertising software allows you to target anybody signed up to the network, and with over a billion people using it, it opens up the opportunity to get your business and its products in front of local people, people living in specific regions, or people interested in your niche.

Question everything and profile who you want to reach out to;

What age and gender are your most common and profitable consumers?
Why do they buy your products?
What other social networks do they use?
What are their interests?

Facebook itself is useful for collecting this information, just open a dialogue with them!

2: Add some creativity to your campaign

We’re talking about content marketing here. Once you’ve got an idea of the people you’d like to target and their interests, it’s time to build a relationship with them and pique their interest.

You yourself will know, Facebook at the moment is full of ads and it can be easy to gloss over them. So you need to catch people’s attention and encourage them to click on your ad and follow up their interest.

Interesting, entertaining creative content is the key, and pushing it on Facebook to your audience – be it blogs, guides, videos or more – is an essential part of the process to getting people to take notice of your brand and share it amongst their friends and family.


Attract new customers and better-quality leads through Facebook

3: Be clever with your budget

Possibly the most important thing to consider is your budget and how you want it to work for you. A budget’s essential to targeting the right people, and Facebook gives you a number of things to do with the money you’re spending.

Do you want more page likes? How about more clicks through to your website? Facebook’s ad options also give you the chance to potentially improve footfall to your local shop and increase sales/conversions on your website.

It’s so important to not only be careful with your budget, but to be clever too. A friend of ours recently attracted 500 targeted likes to his new business page for £25, but another lost close to £100 with little-to-no results. The difference? The former identified his market and used creative content when targeting them.

4: Think of what to do with that traffic

Facebook’s helped you get in front of the right people and you’ve attracted their interest. What now, though?

As important as it is to build your audience, you need to be assertive and streamline your website where that traffic is heading to introduce people to your products, services and sales funnel. You’re doing this to grow your business and get good returns, don’t forget, so when people visit your website from Facebook they’re there for the reason you advertised to them.

How easy is it for them to find what you presented to them and make a purchase? Can they see products and descriptions clearly? How many forms do they have to fill to convert a sale? Site maintenance is as important to consider as the campaign that gets people there.

5: Vary your campaigns

Once you’re used to producing regular Facebook campaigns and consider the points above (as well as others not outlined here) then you should start seeing some results and new customers. It’s so important to carry on the good work, though, and stay in people’s minds.

Rolling out the same campaign every week or month will help you go stale in the eyes of potential customers. You need to keep them on their toes and entertain them to keep them coming back for more, so roll out new ideas and target different people profiles intermittently to freshen it up and attract new groups.

Facebook marketing management has the potential to unlock so much for your business, especially if your campaigns are planned properly, creatively and consider the whole of your business instead of the social side of it. Working with Webpresence can get you those results – speak to our social media specialists today to find out how we can help you grow.