We know it’s challenging to deliver a great website, particularly with a small budget, but we also know it’s possible. Yes, even in today’s competitive market, your website can make waves in attracting and converting new consumers.

While your brand new (and perhaps your first) website needs to meet your vision of being aesthetically pleasing, don’t lose sight of your end goal. To help, Marketing Quotes provide their top five features for an effective and cost efficient website.

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1. Contact details

There’s a lot of consumer anxiety when it comes to trying a new brand, which may be based on things they’ve heard about other brands in the media or based on their own past experiences. It can help significantly for consumers to see a way to get in touch with you should things go wrong.

If your sales strategy relies heavily on phone calls from prospective consumers, include your number on every page. This should preferably be on the top of each page in a non-evasive manner – that means no flashy images or size 72 font.

2. An “About” section and personal bio

Even the major players get this wrong.

There’s a lot that can be lost within “missions and visions” and with everything sounding so corporate, the whole thing can seem very impersonal. As a start-up business, you’re at more of an advantage when telling a personal story that you’re consumers can connect with.

For example, did you begin your business by starting out in your garage and now have a small, friendly office in London? Include who you are, how you started out and why. Out of all the business ventures out there, why did you choose to build this one? If you do have a few key employees, consider including short bios about them and their interests.

Consumers not only want to know about the brand but the people behind it.

3. An online portfolio

Your portfolio can include anything from media mentions to customer testimonials. If you’re starting from scratch, why not contact your local press and pitch your personal story to them along with explaining how your service can help people within the community. For customer testimonials, consider setting up a short survey for those who wish to complete it after having used your service.

We appreciate that as a fairly new business, you may not have an extensive hub of external mentions to include in your online portfolio, but having a few positive mentions is a good start in establishing authority, building trust, and showcasing your expertise.

4. A blog

Extra reading material, as long as it’s valuable, is a great way to build up a loyal customer base. With a blog, you’re not just limited to news about your brand but you can include interesting articles about the industry as a whole.

You can also use your blog to announce special promotions and to make people aware of any new products you’re launching.

While you may think this is a lot of additional work, you can reduce posts to one or two a week or consider commissioning recent copywriting graduates who may be seeking to build their portfolio.

5. Optimised content

As a start-up business, people are less likely to have heard of you and the great service you provide, which is why it’s essential for users to find you online when they conduct a search.

You may not be an expert at SEO or fully understand how Google works but optimising your content for relevant keywords can save a great deal of time later on.

We do recommend hiring an SEO agency but if that’s not within budget, do get the advice of an SEO expert or consider going to seminars and conferences to expand your knowledge.


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