Having a Facebook Fan Page has a number of distinct advantages over having a personal page, especially for a business. Quite apart from the overall structure of the page, missing out inappropriate things such as the relationship status of your business, a Facebook Fan Page offers 5 clear benefits to businesses:

5 Reasons To Use Facebook For Businesses1. Facebook Fan Pages are public. Most Facebook pages and profiles are, by default, private. People have to apply to be your friend before they can see everything, and have to be pre-approved before they can post to your wall or communicate with you. A Fan Page is, by default, open, meaning that anyone can visit and see the latest information. This also means that the search engines can see your content, which they can’t if it’s hidden within a personal profile.

2. Fan Pages include links. These are public links, meaning that you can get some high ranking, highly visible links back to your website. You can’t use anchor text links, but they’re still well worth having.

3. You can send updates to ‘fans’. If you have a new product, new service or special offer you can send this out immediately to all of your ‘fans’, which is a great marketing tool – and totally free. Following this post we have been made aware that this feature is to be removed.

4. Your page has a news feed. This means that whenever someone becomes a ‘fan’ of your business’s page this action then appears on their own page, meaning that all of their followers will see their recommendation, leading to a viral form of marketing.

5. Creating a Fan Page is free and very easy, and you have total control over the way it looks, what’s included, what isn’t and how it works. You can even create adverts from within the page that are targeted towards specific groups of people.

Have you created a Facebook Fan Page for your business? Have you encountered any problems? Have you have success with it? Let us know your own experiences with Facebook Fan Pages by leaving a comment below.