If you haven’t noticed, the trend recently is that everything is going mobile! If you can’t cater to a mobile audience, you will lose a large amount of potential business, so having a good mobile marketing plan can really pay off.

Here are five tips targeted at small businesses for effective mobile marketing on the largest social media platform, Facebook:


pin1. Pinned Post

On the mobile version of Facebook, visitors to your page won’t be able to see your entire timeline until they click to load more posts. By default it will only show the top post on your page, but one way that you can have more control over what your landing page in the mobile app looks like is to always have a pinned post.

Pinned posts, even in the browser on a computer, automatically sit at the top of the page, regardless of what other posts come up. By always managing what post you have pinned, you ensure that visitors see the information you want them to see when visiting your page without requiring them to navigate through and find it.

2. Encourage Check-ins

Check-ins are a growing phenomenon in the social media world, and they are very much directly connected with mobile marketing, especially since checking in can only be done on a mobile device. On the mobile landing page, the number of times that people have “checked in” to your location is one of the first things that people will see when visiting your page, right next to the number of people that “Like” your page. Getting people to check in is one of the best ways that your business can be promoted; not only does it give you that statistic, but it also shows up on all of the user’s feeds and wall. It simultaneously increases the credibility and the visibility of your business, so encouraging or even incentivizing check-ins will do wonders for your mobile marketing efforts.

3. Searchable

More and more users are sticking to their phones 24/7, using it for an ever expanding range of activities. One of these activities is searching for places to go locally, and many people are using Facebook to look for places. This also ties in with check ins because if a user’s friends have checked in to (or reviewed) a location, that location is more likely to pop up in the search results. You need to make sure that your business is easily and effectively searchable by keeping your business information completed, accurate, and up to date.

4. Promoted Posts

If you feel like you aren’t getting enough “likes,” one option that is available to you is to promote your posts. This turns your post into an advertisement and will appear on the feeds of other users, even if they don’t follow you already. With increased visibility, your “Like” and follower count should increase if your posts offer quality content or value to the readers.

QR superhero5. QR Codes

QR codes are gaining more popularity these days. QR codes are the square black and white codes that can be scanned on smart phones. Create a QR code for your Facebook page and incorporate it with whatever physical presences you have, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar location, flyers, or a car. This also makes the experience more interactive and will increase your pageviews.


About The Guest Author:
Mike Piwonka is the CEO of The Grass Outlet, a sod grass company in Texas. Always interested in new technology, Mike is proud to personally manage his companies Facebook page.

Image Credits: allfacebook.com & www.qrstuff.com