It took a while but social media management is now seen as an intricate and important part to search marketing campaigns of all shapes and sizes.

You may have noticed that talk in the SEO industry over the last few months has focused on ‘influencers’ – the theory being that if you find and follow influential people on social media then you can learn tips to one day emulate them.

You can also increase your number of social followers by sharing influencers’ content, getting in discussions with their fans and more.

Except you don’t want to be a follower, do you? You want to be an influencer yourself. But how do you do that?


Five tips you’ll need to learn on your path to growing as a social media influencer


It’s nigh-on impossible to become a Branson or a Sugar overnight. Your path to becoming an influential voice in your industry will be long and hard – but ever-so rewarding when people sit and take notice of what you have to say.

Below are the five core tips you’ll need to learn on your path to growing as a social media influencer, and becoming an authoritative voice in your industry:

1: Get your opinions online

If you own a business within a specific industry then you’ll likely be keeping your ear to the ground learning about the latest consumer trends, newest products and much more besides.

So, naturally, your brain should be in overdrive all the time. Is there something you feel that the industry needs to make it work better for business owners? Has something recently happened – whether positive or negative – that you have a strong opinion on?

The first tip to remember is that those opinions won’t do anybody any good if they’re stuck in your head. If you have opinions on your industry then make sure you get your ideas down on paper and refine them so they’re coherent, informed and factually accurate.

Remember to ask Who, What, When, Where, and Why when writing your opinion piece. Once done then get it live on your company blog, your personal website or wherever you feel it will be best suited.

2: Share it and increase your followers


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Once published then share your thoughts with your followers across your social media profiles. Tweet it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, spread it across communities and groups on Google+ and LinkedIn, and more.

You can also help maximise your post’s potential by sharing it with like-minded people in your industry on notable forums and more. The more your opinion gets shared the more likely it is that people will follow you, comment and discuss your thoughts.

This is where it gets interesting…

3: Debate with other influencers

Good influencers have taken the time to create an opinion on their industry and share it.

The very best influencers, however, create a fact-based opinion and introduce others into a debate. Having an open forum with people on the internet and discussing your thoughts and how you came to your conclusions is key to sharing the opinion on a wider scale and getting yourself known.

You have to really believe what you’ve written and stick to your guns whenever challenged, pointing to the information in your post to back up your argument.

Draw others into the discussion by tweeting them, asking them for their thoughts and opinions. Tag people and other brands when sharing it on Facebook, discuss with industry heavyweights on LinkedIn groups, on Google+ Communities and more.

The thing to remember when trying to become an influencer online is that you have a voice. Use it in a positive manner to construct a creative debate with people who can potentially become fans of your brand and long-term customers.

4: Be first with the news

Have you noticed something happening in your industry that nobody else has picked up on yet? Is there a change happening in the law that could work in your industry’s favour, or do you have access to a new product before your competitors?

It’s impossible to stress the value of being first when publishing an important piece of news. It’s the most important part of content marketing around – if you can structure that exclusive in with an opinion then even better. It adds more weight to you being an authoritative voice and associates your name with interesting content that’s bound to be shared.

Contact PR people in your industry to gather information. Contact suppliers and ask them questions, gather the thoughts of followers to see what changes they’d like to see in your industry, collaborate creatively with industry friends who are also trying to become influencers and more.

5: Consistency is key

Get your opinions online!

Above all though, your chances of becoming noticed will be boosted if you show a measure of consistency.

If people read your thoughts – and like them – then they’ll want to know when your next one will appear. If you’ve got nothing to follow up your post with and stay idle for a couple of weeks then you’ll quickly drop out of people’s consciousness.

But not only do you need to be consistent with your posts and content, you also need to be consistent with your opinions and voice. You’ll undo all your hard work if you post an opinion that contradicts exactly what you said four weeks ago…

But if you want to be a heavyweight influencer then that shouldn’t be a problem! Have an opinion, share it, and stick with it. Be positive when dealing with people to reinforce your position. Be intelligent, creative and, above all else, be regular with your posts.


If you’d like to know more about how social media and content creation can turn you into a key industry influencer in your area then contact Webpresence today!