Facebook is not just for networking, it’s a great way to boost the profile of your business, but in order for it to work to your advantage, and to earn its keep, it’s important to make sure you’ve taken care of some basic elements which could make all the difference when it comes to getting your Facebook business page to create business. Here are our top six tips for making sure your Facebook business page is working as hard for your business as you are.

Facebook Success1. Make sure your profile is completed. I’m always amazed when I visit a Facebook business page and find that there’s almost no information about the business. Perhaps there’s a website address if I’m lucky, but isn’t this a little like giving someone a business card with just your name and website address on? Surely it makes sense to include other details such as a contact telephone number, email address or postal address at least? Make sure your profile has all of the relevant details so that people can contact you. Don’t make it difficult for people – make it easy, and you’ll encourage more enquiries.

2. Publish photographs. It’s often the case that business owners assume that Facebook photos are just for people’s personal pages, and that they have no place in a formal business environment. The fact is that Facebook isn’t your run of the mill formal business environment – it’s a way to reach out to your potential customers in a more personal, accessible way. Most businesses who have included a few photographs have found that this really makes a difference as far as getting people to contact them is concerned. Include one or two formal photographs of key personnel, but then include a few informal ones too. Obviously be sensible as far as your selection is concerned, but giving your business a personal touch is important. After all, if I visited your business in person, wouldn’t I see people’s faces, and some informal views of daily office life? So why not show people you’re real, and not just some virtual avatar?

3. Optimise your Facebook profile. Almost every business owner knows that optimising content for the search engines is essential, and will use an SEO specialist company (such as us!) to achieve the results they need. Yet when it comes to their Facebook business page, often the whole concept of keywords and SEO goes out of the window. Make sure your Facebook profile, updates and information is keyword optimised. If you’re not sure, why not talk to us and let us help steer your Facebook content in the right direction to make sure you’re found through the search engines? It’s also worth noting that this applies to your Facebook URL. Make sure you reserve and use a good Facebook address that includes your business name and/or relevant keywords to maximise success. We use www.facebook.com/WebpresenceUK.

4. Give people a reasons to visit your page, and a reason to come back again. There are simply too many Facebook business pages out there which achieve very little, simply because that’s exactly what they offer- very little. Give your visitors an incentive to visit your page. Perhaps you might include occasional links to free downloadable resources, or perhaps voucher codes, discounts and special offers. You might announce new products or services and new opportunities. Make sure you include exclusive content that’s of real value to your visitors, and remember to tie this in with your Twitter account – announcing content from one on the other.

5. Keep it updated regularly. This is another problem with many business Facebook pages. Often it seems that the business gets all excited about the prospect of having a Facebook presence, hurls a heap of content at it and then walks away. Facebook is not a calling card – it’s a platform. You wouldn’t just leave your business card on top of a soap box in Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park – you’d be there regularly in person, reaching out to passersby and gathering yourself an audience. Facebook thrives on regularly updated content.

6.  Promote your Facebook page. This is another common fallacy, with many business assuming that just creating a Facebook page, and updating it, is all it takes. You need to promote it, and there are many ways of doing this. Include your Facebook URL on your business cards, in your printed literature, on letterheads, and on your main website. Include it in newsletters and emails, announce new content on Twitter, and include links wherever reasonable and possible. If you want Facebook to work for your business, you need to be serious about making it work.

These six tips will go a long way towards helping achieve real success on Facebook, but if you need further advice or help, why not contact us to see how we can help.