From website content to blog posts to article marketing, it’s essential to make sure you’re up to date with the current SEO approaches, tips and tricks. SEO is the life blood of online marketing success, and when used correctly and appropriately is a devastatingly effective tool in achieving online success. But as with any powerful tool, it’s easy to get it wrong.

7 Steps To SEO SuccessWith SEO it’s important to get it right all the time, because mistakes can be painfully costly, and very hard to recover from. At we’ve always strived to help not only to bring you an SEO marketing team which works as hard for your business’s success as you do, but also to offer you free tips and advice to help you integrate the same sort of tactics as we do into your own online marketing ventures. Here are our top 7 tips for getting SEO on the right track.

1. Get Fresh – One of the most crucial things to understand with SEO is that you can never stand still. SEO never stops – it’s an on-going process, because fresh, up to date and regularly updated content is precisely what the search engines are looking for.

2. Unlock Your Keywords – Knowing what your primary keywords and keyphrases are, as well as your longtail keyword phrases are is vital. Don’t even begin your SEO campaign until you’re 100% clear on your best keywords – including checking out the competition.

3. Optimise For People – It’s too easy to focus entirely on optimising for the search engines and spiders, completely forgetting the fact that they don’t matter. Well, that’s not strictly true, but the point is – the search engine spiders don’t carry wallets – people do. Make sure your content is fresh, interesting and engaging if you want real people to visit your sales page.

4. Link Your Way To Success – A great many people don’t always realise that one of the most effective ways of optimising content on your website, and even in blog posts and article marketing, is to link to other websites besides your own. Link to well known, trusted websites such as the BBC, Wikipedia or government site (which will end in Doing this gives your content credence, increasing its apparent reliability and trustworthiness, increasing its rank in the search engine results pages.

5. Avoid The Hidden Traps – Even today many SEO specialists still think that hiding text on web pages is an effective method of ‘fooling’ the search engines into increasing the site’s rank. Firstly search engines are VERY hard to fool these days; secondly, search engines HATE to be fooled, and thirdly, you WILL be found out and penalised very severely, and probably for good. Don’t hide text on your web pages (such as white text on a white background, text so small it looks like simply a horizontal bar or text hidden completely using <DIV> tags).

6. Be Original – No matter how good someone’s blog post is, don’t ever be tempted to steal it. Quite apart from being plagiarism and possibly an infringement of copyright, search engines will know. Although duplicate content won’t necessarily get your site blacklisted or demoted, it will rank very significantly lower than the site hosting the original content, and there you’ll stay, nicely hidden.

7. Win Friends And Influence Them – Make yourself known by publishing regular, fresh, original and interesting content, because by doing this you’ll encourage more people to link to your site from more places. These links (known as backlinks as they link back to your site) are a vital SEO tool, as search engines use these as ‘votes’ for your site, helping them decide where your site should be ranked.

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