The Challenge

Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust came to us just before their busiest time of year. They wanted to support a Direct Response TV (DRTV) advert, which encouraged people to donate to their ‘Help Your Hospital’ campaign. The campaign funds resources, equipment and support for Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. People could donate through the website or via text using the phrase ‘Addenbrooke’s toy’ which would contribute gifts for sick children spending the festive season in hospital.

However, they had recently created a new website that was not optimised to show in the organic search results when someone Googled the phrase ‘Addenbrooke’s toy’. This made it difficult for donors who saw the ad to find them.

The Solution

By incorporating the phrase into their fundraising campaign, we were able to gain visibility at the top of the search engine results for Addenbrooke’s at a critical time of fundraising. Additionally, we ran some awareness campaigns for their other initiatives, coupled with an overall recruitment campaign. These additional campaigns helped regular donors find the charity and raise awareness of their new website towards new and existing supporters.

We were also able to assist in the creation and running of some paid ads using the DRTV advert across Google’s display network, helping to further expand the reach of the campaign and funnel people into the donor stream.

The Impact

We were able to push over 7,000 people to the specially created landing page for the campaign itself and increase donations during the month of December. These funds are used to support children at Addenbrooke’s hospital over the festive period through toys, medicine and equipment for the hospital. 

Additionally, we are still promoting donations via the main website and to various other campaigns, which will continue to support the hospital with research, new facilities and even new departments.

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