So, you want to share your content across a range of high-quality sites and reap the benefits. But where do you start?

Whether you’re a casual blogger or a full-time writer, guest posting can be a daunting task. Nowadays it’s not enough to just post your content on the first site you find. You need to find high-quality sites that have large levels of traffic and impressive domain authority.

For some it may be enough to utilise sites like, which allow people to post content for other blogs to publish (or find guest posts to publish on their own site). The majority, though, are searching for higher quality backlinks post-Panda and Penguin.

The key to acquiring quality backlinks is making sure that your topics are interesting and that your posts are well constructed. No self-respecting site will publish a grammatically incorrect wall of text with masses of spelling mistakes and a definite lack of interesting content.

While you may not be the next great writer of the 21st Century, we can still help by providing this list of interesting and respected sites for you to try and guest post on. These sites will also fulfil the required checklist of features you should be looking for when hunting down sites to host your guest posts:

  • They are strong brands
  • They have high page ranks and domain rankings
  • They have powerful social sharing features
  • They have a broad reader/user base
  • They all have great levels of consistent traffic

More importantly a link on these sites can help take your guest posting campaign to the next level. The list below will provide you with a varied selection of high-quality websites to try your luck with:

1: has a huge following and a massive readership

As one of the most respected search orientated sites on the web, has a huge following and a massive readership. The guest post section on the site is named YOUmoz and plays host to all kinds of articles.

Whether you’re most comfortable writing about the latest happenings in the world of social media, or the technicalities of sites’ URL structures, you’re sure to get a positive response at assuming that your article is factually correct, well-researched and objective.

2: is a wonderfully macho site that prides itself on a quirky premise complemented by a wide range of articles
is a wonderfully macho site that prides itself on a quirky premise complemented by a wide range of fascinating articles. This is a great place to post about anything from DIY to finances and more absurd subjects.

This is the only place where we’ve seen posts concerning stain removal alongside an illustrated guide to surviving a bear attack. So if your writing style is on the right side of whimsical (and you consider yourself to be a manly man), this is definitely a site to try and guest post on.

3: is all about search engine optimisation and the online marketing industry
In a similar vein to, is all about search engine optimisation and the online marketing industry in general. The guest posts on can be viewed as more straight-laced than similar sites in its field.

If you like writing in a succinct and concise style then this may very well be the place for you, especially if you’re able to broach a broad range of topics such as social media marketing, link building, on-page code and much more besides.


Think of as an alternative self-help website

If you’re interested in writing articles which intended to help people get through their daily lives then is the place for you to guest post on.

Think of it as an alternative self-help website, which has countless articles on how to improve yourself and make your daily routines easier to manage. has a little more character than your average self-help website, so ensure that your potential guest post has a great hook and reads well.

5: is a humour-focused website

This may seem like a strange entry on our list, but if you take a look at the average number of views for each article on you’ll begin to see why scoring a blog on here could be a potentially huge step forward for your guest posting campaign.

Even the newer articles on the site will have (in some cases) hundreds of thousands of page views, and older articles regularly have views way up in the millions. With numbers like this it’d be folly to not consider trying to get a post up on the site.

It’s important to remember that, despite containing a lot of strange and interesting articles, is a humour-focused website. This means that unless your article is laugh-out-loud funny or interesting, it’s not going to be featured. Take your time and research a topic out of this world before pitching on the contributors’ forum.

We’ve provided you with a great list of websites to look into guest posting on, but what else can you do to increase your chances of being accepted?

  • Do your research and ensure your article is in the required format. Some sites may accept all kinds of generic posts, but others may be looking for something more specific. Look for a ‘guest post’ or ‘write for us’ page on their website
  • Network, network, network. Forming connections is hugely important in the world of guest posting. Take time out to be polite and don’t be afraid to allow somebody to guest post on your own site. It could be reciprocated in the future
  • Offer up examples of your best past work and make sure they’re aware of the high quality posts you can produce for them. Ensure they’re aware of what you have to offer and how your content will benefit their site

Hopefully we’ve provided you with some decent ideas to start your guest posting campaign. As always, you can never be sure that your work will be published. Don’t dismay, though – simply try again with a new, fresh idea in a few weeks or months!

If you’d like to learn more about guest posting, link building and the finer points of off-page SEO then contact today.