Throughout this blog, and across the whole web, there is a tonne of information recommending you try this, do the other, integrate this tactic into your online marketing and don’t overlook that tip. But the problem is that with introducing new ideas, new strategies and new tips it’s easy to forget the techniques and approaches which were once highly recommended, but which should not merely be forgotten, but actively shunned.


Over the years SEO has changed many times in many ways, and it’s very easy to forget the fact that years ago you may well have invested both time and money doing things which were at that time popular, but which now could actively count against all your subsequent and current marketing activities.  In other words,  it’s not good enough to simply adapt and to change whilst moving forwards. It’s also necessary to look back at the things you’ve done previously and reassess them.

The danger of not doing this is that you may be ignoring the elephant in the room – the colossal element of your SEO marketing strategy sitting there unloved, forgotten and ignored, yet costing you a fortune. In today’s blog post I’m going to draw your attention to a couple of these strategies which should not merely be forgotten, but routed out and removed completely, unless you want to devalue all of your online marketing considerably for ever more.

1. Dodgy Link Building

In the past many SEO experts and online marketing gurus recommended link building using a wide variety of schemes. At the time it didn’t just seem like a good idea – it really worked. The results clearly indicated that these link building tactics achieved results, and so plenty of people took advantage of these opportunities with a completely clear conscience.

Today, hopefully, no reputable business would dream of using any of these link building methods, but that’s not good enough. Because it is quite possible that those links are still out there. That’s bad news, because if there’s one thing Google really hates these days it’s paid for links, link farms and other unscrupulous link building tactics which fail to offer any genuine value to real visitors. It’s therefore essential that you locate any links out there which were created using any of the link building methods in the list below, and remove them if at all possible, as they could seriously harm your rank and traffic, both now and in the future:

Link building tactics costing you traffic:

  • Link Schemes
  • Reciprocal Link Sharing
  • Link Farms
  • Link Wheels/Link Pyramids
  • Unsubstantiated Link Exchange Schemes
  • 3 Way Linking/4 Way Linking


2. Cut Price SEO / Overseas SEO

This is something a great many businesses did, back when they saw SEO as a bolt on extra added to their existing marketing. Today SEO is very much seen as being the core of any business’s online marketing strategy, and indeed, the core of much of the business’s online presence. But it wasn’t that long ago that many businesses were using SEO firms who were offering cut price marketing and optimisation, and many of these were overseas companies. Hiring an overseas SEO expert didn’t seem like a bad thing at the time to many people, and the money did seem to go further.

However, the problem remains that UK companies wanting to market themselves to UK consumers are always going to struggle if using an overseas SEO expert simply because of the language differences. UK writers can write using English in a natural way, using UK spellings, UK vocabulary, idioms, sayings and references to local places, people and events.

That’s all vital if you’re looking to market a business within the UK, but content developed prior to using UK SEO companies could well be damaging potential traffic levels. If you used this approach in the past then make sure you get the old content re-written by a UK writer, and look at previous articles, blog posts and other online content to check that it’s not counting against you.

Which SEO strategies did you use to use but no longer do? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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