If you are going to the LinkLove conference on 30th March then congratulations, and I hope to see you there! If you’ve not yet booked your tickets, or aren’t too sure what LinkLove is all about then let me take two minutes of your time to inform you about the single most important and valuable conference for anyone keen to give their website the best possible chance of success in what will undoubtedly be a particularly challenging year ahead.

LinkLove Conference 2012

The LinkLove conference is an annual meeting of minds, bringing together some of the top names within SEO and link building, providing a rich and diverse range of seminars and talks on the most cutting edge techniques and approaches.

This isn’t some dry conference you amble around for a few hours wondering whether it’s time for another coffee yet. From the very start this is the sort of conference where you find yourself making far too many mental notes to remember, and start running out of notebooks crammed full of key advice you can’t believe you might have missed.

Actionable Advice On Link Building

One of the things for me which marks the LinkLove conference out from so many other networking events I’ve been to in the past is that the information and advice isn’t just airy-fairy-pie-in-the-sky-might-work-might-not and probably won’t be able to understand most of it. Everything is practical, everything is relevant, and everything is actionable. In fact if you take a look at the website for this year’s LinkLove conference you’ll find that the word ‘actionable’ is used a lot. After all, if you can’t apply the advice, recommendations, tips, tricks and techniques in real, practical ways, what real benefit is there to you?

If you think the past year was interesting, with Google’s Panda update delivering massive changes and having implications which are still rocking many boats and causing daily challenges, the next 12 months are going to be even more interesting. As search engines get tougher and smarter, and start taking more data from social media platforms into account as well as the behaviour of real visitors so too is it important for us online marketers and SEO professionals to think beyond the techniques we’ve been using.

Indeed one of the speakers at the conference has already intimated that he will be introducing the idea that link building itself is almost a dead exercise, and that the future is going to be much more about networking and establishing online relationships rather than static links. You can hear more about what he has to say, and what some of the other speakers are going to discuss in the teaser video below.

Linkbuilding protips from Distilled Conferences

In Depth Advice, Real Applications

Something which has frustrated me in the past when attending some conferences is that the speakers are only given a few minutes in which to talk, which means they have to either hurl their way through highly relevant and interesting stuff at such a fast rate that it’s impossible to really gain much from it, or they end up skimming across the surface of what would undoubtedly be a fascinating pond. At the LinkLove conference they give each of their speakers a full 45 minutes, which means that you get to really benefit from the in depth knowledge and experience they have to offer, without panicking that you’ll get lost.

Whether you’re starting out in online marketing and need the best and most up to date advice and recommendations, or you’re more established and need to know which directions to turn in order to future proof your business and avoid wasting time and effort pursuing ineffective avenues then the LinkLove conference is for you.

Real SEO Insights For The Year Ahead

It’s not just about link building, it’s about succeeding online in the most competitive and potentially hostile environment in a way which will maximise the impact of your actions. You will find your business improves, your traffic grows and your online credibility and reach expands as a result of attending this conference. It’s simply not possible that being there for the day could have any other effect. I also find it invigorating and refreshing – and much easier than slogging through hundreds of forums and blogs online to try to identify which advice to trust and which to take with a PC case full of salt.

Of course, there’s also the opportunity to network, to meet and make new contacts. Perhaps we’ll have the chance to meet up in person! If you are going, do let me know. If you’re not yet booked, please do visit the LinkLove conference site and find out more – it really is the most effective and easiest way of making sure that you are fully prepared for the inevitable challenges, shocks and surprises ahead of us this year!

Interested? Book your tickets now here!

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