Get Better Audience Insights With These 4 Simple Tips


Is there a better feeling than knowing you nailed it from a customer-service point of view?

Meeting somebody, providing them with the depths of your knowledge about a certain product, helping them choose something that will make a difference to their lives, completing a purchase and seeing them come back in the future provides an incredibly positive rush.

It helps build personal and professional relationships and, deep down, helps you realise that you’re on the right path to success.

Online though, it can be a much different story. You may be seeing sales go through your website, but how well do you really know your customers? Are they really happy and are they going to shop with you again, or did they just come across a product and decided to order it, no matter where it came from?

The analytical nature of online marketing is an incredible way to improve online sales and grow a company. To really make an impact on target markets, niche communities and the people who really matter to your long-term growth, though, the numbers-based nature of managing a business online can confuse and stall growth in equal measure.

Getting to know you

That’s one of the main reasons to partner with a specialist online marketing agency. Not only will they partner alongside you to help educate you and make better sense of the world of online marketing, they will take that weight and worry from your shoulders, working with you to a set strategy to help improve sales online AND build stronger relationships with your customers.

So, how do they do that? By collecting key customer insights from a variety of sources and making creative use of that data to build stronger long-term relationships with a core market that will come back to your brand again and again.


what’s the best way to go about getting customer insights about your online business


Many people believe that they can get away with just using social media to communicate with their customers. Though it’s an essential tool in the marketing process, by using specific analytical techniques you can really get into your customer’s head, communicating with them in conversations that show you where you need to improve and why.

Not only can this give you a better insight into the feelings of customers on individual levels, it can also help you to keep in touch with trends that certain demographics are interested in and enjoy online, helping you to plan for the future to enable stronger business growth.

4 ways to get better customer insights

So, what’s the best way to go about getting customer insights about your online business to improve its results and see stronger, more consistent growth?

1: Asses your site’s user experience

As we mentioned before, you may be seeing a lot of traffic coming to your site but little in the way of actual sales. Looking over your analytics and coming to natural conclusions isn’t enough for strong growth; you may need to overhaul the look and feel of your site’s user experience (UX) to give a better journey that encourages conversions.

This can be done in a number of ways across various highly-personal forums. Card sorting, usability testing, eye movement tracking and A/B testing can all be done on- and offline in real-world scenarios with target audiences, giving you chance to interact with people and collect feedback to implement on your site and improve its performance.

2: Google is your friend

We’ve mentioned Google Analytics a couple of times here and for good reason. It provides a wealth of information and data on how visitors are interacting with your website, the pages they visit, the products they’re interacting with and the page they were on when they decided to leave.

That’s not all though. We’ve recently mentioned how you can introduce working sales funnels to your website. With Google, you can also discover audience interests with its Trends feature, use its Audience Retention Tool to track viewer engagement, learn more about demographics visiting your website, create surveys and much, much more besides.


4 ways to get better customer insights

3: Leverage social media analytics

Social media is a brilliant way to gather audience insight by generally and naturally chatting to your audience. That as-and-when strategy though can only do so much for growth; putting some budget into paid social campaigns can help you reach out to certain demographics in targeted ways to really get an idea of what your brand means to them.

The leading social networks are also able to provide website owners with insights into their audience that can prove to be invaluable. Facebook’s Audience Insights technology, for instance, is able to provide you with information such as your audience’s age, gender, relationship status, education level, job title and more – perfect for creating targeted content for those groups that will stand a better chance of attracting them.

4: Use your existing data in creative ways

If you’re serious about your business’s growth then you simply need to have an ethical, transparent data collection strategy in place that complies with GDPR – no questions asked. It’s what you do with that data though that counts, and using that data to reach out to people in unique, creative ways can provide invaluable info.

Collecting social and email data, for instance, gives you the ability to reach out to those people in creative unique ways. Why not create a survey through a platform such as Typeform or SurveyMonkey, offering the chance to win a voucher or a product if they take the time to give their honest thoughts to you in a simple survey loaded with the questions you need answering most?

Those are some simple ways that brands can be working now to better get to know their audience and build stronger relationships with them. That’s also one of the best bits about internet marketing; each and every business is different, and working alongside the right agency will help build a strong, bespoke plan that will help your business grow.


Want to know more about customer insights online and collecting the right data to keep in touch with your customers to grow your business? Speak to a Webpresence representative today.