This week we have witnessed yet another example of a major corporation completely missing the point when it comes to social marketing. Whilst many business, charities and organisation were doing a great deal of good, helping to provide communication links, offer support and raise money, Bing decided to tweet in a way which not only incensed thousands of people, but backfired spectacularly.

Bing LogoBing published a tweet which read, “For every retweet, @bing will give $1 to Japan quake victims, up to $100K.” To begin with a few retweets did appear, but very quickly people within the social forums realised that all Bing was doing was to try to boost its own profile and brand awareness on the back of a tragic natural disaster.

People started asking why they couldn’t just donate the $100K, and very quickly an alternative and unrepeatable hashtag began trending, which certainly didn’t do Bing’s credibility much good. Not only that but once the poor judgement was realised it took Bing 7 hours to reply. In the world of social marketing it’s important to get it right, and to act quickly if you get it wrong.

Just had to get that out!