One of the crucial areas of social media marketing is of course the blog. Almost everyone knows that having an active blog full of great, original content is a brilliant way not only to engage potential customers but also help your business rank well for longtail keyphrases in the search results. But are you missing out on two of the most important elements of blogging? If all you do is write great, informative and original blog posts, publishing these on a pretty regular basis, then whilst that’s good news, you’re only doing one of the three things you need to be doing on a regular basis.


Blogging tips for business

I mentioned above that blogging is one of the tools within any social media marketing strategy. Did you notice the word ‘social’? Exactly how social is it writing a short article every couple of days? Do you publish your post and then forget about it, leaving it to drift on like a message in a bottle that’s forgotten once it’s been launched?

The two essential elements of blogging which your business must be doing just as regularly as publishing blog posts include:

1. Encouraging comments from readers, and engaging in dialogue with your readers

2. Publishing relevant, valuable comments on other people’s blogs and engaging with both the blog writer and other readers

Make sure you use your blog to encourage dialogue, responding to any comments you receive, as well as leaving comments on other people’s blog posts too. Blogging is a form of social media, not a pulpit from which you preach!

Do you blog? Is it having a positive effect on your business? Discuss below! Or check out our top 5 blog time saving tools.