Everyone’s seen the Dollar Shave Club and Old Spice viral videos to the point of exhaustion.

Those two videos are always used by online marketers to explain the benefits of video marketing and what can happen if one of your ads goes viral.

Millions of views, global brand recognition, critical plaudits… the impact an ad like The Man You Could Smell Like is why a number of marketers chase the video marketing dream, hoping to be the next Wieden+Kennedy.


I’ve met a lot of people who don’t want that kind of ad to express what they do and what they’re about.

As effective as those ads may be it’s important that people understand the effects a viral ad can have on your resources.


The Man You Could Smell Like


Can your servers handle millions of visits at once? Do you have the staff and stock to cope with demand? Do you have the mentality to cope with instant online fame and, most importantly, the strategy to take it forward and cultivate future success?

I hope that doesn’t make me sound like a killjoy, by the way! But they’re all factors a successful agency will have to consider for long-term success, and to not be a one-hit wonder.

What’s your favourite viral video and why? Has it inspired you to be more creative with your own marketing strategy? Let me know in the comments below!

Authority on the small screen

So, what are the alternatives?

Plenty. It all depends on what you term as creative, how you measure success, and what you want your video (or series of videos) to achieve.

Some want their videos to be more grounded and down-to-earth. To be more subtle and inviting to people that are going to invest in their brand and convey an approachable personality.

They want their videos to have real authority. And, most importantly, to get a good visual representation for their budget.

But how do you do that?

It’s best to show you!

Below are three videos I’ve found from brands that have set out to spread their authority with their video marketing strategy, with impressive results:




The T.M.Lewin brand is synonymous with excellence and innovation. The shirtmaker prides itself on customer care and making sure that men all over the planet look their best in their personal and professional lives.

So the team at T.M.Lewin has created a series of tutorial videos to build on that philosophy to make sure that men look in tip-top condition at all times.

Presented by members of the business T.M.Lewin’s videos play on the brand’s authority in its fashionable field.

A quick glance at the feed brings up tutorials on how to iron a shirt, how to choose the right suit for your size, and even how to tie a tie.

As simple as these videos may seem they all play to a key consistent factor. That T.M.Lewin is an expert in styling men and has been so for over a century.

T.M.Lewin’s experts showing men the correct way to style themselves has been an underrated success. The how to tie a tie video – 911,000-plus views and counting!

T.M.Lewin focuses little on its products (though they are used in the demonstrations) and instead pushes its subject authority.

It’s working wonders for them.

How’s your video strategy working out? Is it getting you the leads and views you need for success? If so, how? Let me know below!

Whyte and Mackay



Scotch whisky blender Whyte and Mackay has been brewing since 1844, but like T.M.Lewin, has decided to focus on its specialities, expert knowledge, and heritage.

Except instead of getting a team of employees to front its videos, Whyte and Mackay has instead given its voice to only one: Master Blender Richard Paterson.

Also known as The Nose Paterson has made a name for himself online fronting videos showing people how to drink whisky, advice on pairing whiskies, how to create whisky, and others.

But, again, the focus is on sheer authority. A master blender showing the world how to drink whisky the correct way has amassed close to a million views alone…

The benefits of giving their ambassador such power has paid off for White and Mackay. He uses, tastes, and compliments their product in every video with the connection between the brand and the blender clearly established.

Part of these videos’ appeal is in Paterson’s eccentricity, with him threatening to poke eyes out if he sees people nosing whisky the wrong way.

But there’s little denial that the appeal of the videos comes from watching an expert teaching you something new, and how much professionalism goes into something as simple as tasting a drink.

Liverpool Craft Beer



The Liverpool Craft Beer Company has slowly been infiltrating the city and beyond with its delicious ales.

Though the company has only been active since 2010 owners Terry and Paul tell their story of frustration and enlightenment as they talk about the tale of starting up their own business and learning the brewing trade.

Filmed by local production agency Give Me Soul, The Brewer excels in telling a story of local people pouring everything they have into creating something new for their community.

Again authority is at play. The film itself sets out to tell a stylish warts-and-all story with eye-catching visuals and a tense soundtrack, focusing solely on Terry’s time at Craft Beer.

But the meat and potatoes is Terry’s story which every small business owner will be able to relate to. It’s a powerful piece with Terry’s authority and passion for the brewing trade really shining through at all times.

It’s something that’s struck a chord with the locals as Craft Beer can be found in a number of places across the city, and their reputation continues to grow.

Videos for Hummingbird

The key things that these videos have in common is the passion and specialist knowledge that each video is trying to impart on its audience.

I expect these videos will also be pretty Hummingbird-friendly thanks to their helpful nature. I can imagine them ranking very well for the questions they set out to answer thanks to their intricate nature – how to smell whisky and how to iron a shirt just two examples.

The beauty of producing these types of videos consistently is that they get noticed and can be shared a number of times. Paterson’s, for instance, covers a number of topics in one video and can be tagged as such: How to smell whisky; How to taste whisky; How to blend whisky…

But the real appeal of these videos is that they look to educate and give people the highest standards and values they need for success from a position of real authority.


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(Old Spice Image from The Essential Orange.)