I had mixed feelings during the Apple presser last week.

The company’s still able to produce some of the best pieces of hardware on the planet, and if it weren’t for them smartphone and tablet popularity would have taken a lot longer to catch fire.

However, I couldn’t help but raise my eyebrows at the $99 Apple Pencil… The beginning of the end, maybe?

Whatever Apple’s fortunes are in the future, once again one of the most practical applications was perhaps overlooked in favour of the flashy things.


The next generation of Apple TV is on its way and will now be integrated with Siri features.


The next generation of Apple TV is on its way and will now be integrated with Siri features. The possibilities this opens up for conversational search are intriguing; the Apple remote will now include a Siri button allowing users to search within apps whilst watching television.

Apple TV’s been slow to take off but maybe this will help people take more notice and adopt the device. But there’s another reason for businesses to keep their eye on this.

As well as consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, a device like Apple TV brings apps including YouTube further into the home and into the lives of normal people.

Are apps really the future of television? Or is the idea just to add bells and whistles onto what many perceive as a dying medium? Let me know in the comments section below.

A cracking strategy

Regular readers will know I’ve put a lot of weight behind YouTube in recent posts. It’s a great way for business to advertise and express creativity on the world’s second-largest search engine.

And, recently, I’ve become fascinated with a video strategy that is being used to great effect by a small Australian-based chiropractor and his team.

Called Chiropractic Excellence, the team practices Gonstead chiropractic care and is based in Parkdale, Victoria. Staff numbers are only at double figures, but its main chiropractor – Dr. Ian Rossborough – is well on his way to international stardom, all thanks to YouTube.

Well, stardom as a physician. The Chiropractic Excellence channel has close to 50 videos and over 75,000 subscribers; each one following the same formula. A patient has a problem, goes to see Dr. Ian, gets adjusted, and we see their progress after.

Sounds simple enough, and like thousands of other videos on YouTube. But watching Chiropractic Excellence’s videos can be addictive, and their simple achievements with a particular patient have helped transform his life and their own fortunes.

Chiro town

The channel’s most popular video revolves around the story of Muntathar, a US resident who had tried to pull a tree stump out of the ground and was left with incredible back pain. (You can see the video below, and it may not be suitable for those with a sensitive disposition.)

Mun had been hunched over for close to four months, been to the emergency room a number of times, and been turned away by several other doctors “too scared” to touch him.

Physically Mun looks in a terrible state and is in agonising pain. He seeks out Dr. Ian, though, having seen some of his previous YouTube videos using the Gonstead method of chiro and travels to Australia.



Dr. Ian agrees to treat him, and in the space of two weeks and a few simple adjustments Mun is back to normal, free of pain, and able to graduate from high school. It’s a very inspiring story, simply filmed, and highlights the calm, professional manner of Dr. Ian and his team.

The video has been viewed over a million times, but it’s merely the jewel in a crown of videos that are consistent, authoritative, and are well on the way to making Dr. Ian and his practice into worldwide names.

Do these chiropractic videos do anything for you, or has the team just struck lucky? What’s your favourite example of a company using video marketing? Let me know below!

4 tips to perfect your video strategy

The remarkable thing about Chiropractic Excellence’s viral video and other similar videos is astonishing; there is no difference. Only the extreme nature of the Mun case is the variable here.

The channel’s success is down to a word I’ve already used: consistency. With a simple camera and his patient’s consent, Dr. Ian tells his and their stories, treating some of the most harrowing problems with a simple back or neck adjustment.

4 tips to perfect your video strategyAnd for something so tough and precise, the charismatic doctor makes it all look so easy. The company’s website also points to the success of their videos, highlighting that it has helped the practice achieve international recognition and open at other locations.

So, what tips can you take to replicate such success?

#1 Consistency is key

I can’t highlight this enough. People subscribe and follow YouTube channels because they initially like the content they see. Create a consistent strategy and stick to it long-term, to see those views rack up.

#2 Do what you do well

Tutorial videos are some of the most popular on YouTube. People even like to watch others eating to great acclaim. So don’t try to be over the top; do what you do and do it well to draw people in and show them why you’re worth watching.

#3 Be informative

There’s no bigger turn off on YouTube than somebody screaming trying to be funny or being an amateur Clarkson. You’ll notice Dr. Ian has his own calm collected air, even when he’s cracking spines. It adds to his authority, knowledge of the subject, and professionalism.

#4 Don’t forget calls to action

TrueView and annotations are a great way to add calls to action at specific parts of the video, as are adding links in the description (but don’t overdo it). The right message placed in a subtle way will encourage people to watch more videos and click through to your website.

If you’d like to know more about spreading your reputation online and the many different ways you can promote your business contact us and speak to a Webpresence representative today!

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(Image: TechRadar)