Are Facebook’s Messenger Bots A Privacy Concern Too Far?

App Development | Conversion Rate Optimisation | Facebook Promotion | Lead Generation | Marketing Automation | Mobile Marketing | Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Facebook is encouraging brands to advertise through bots on its Messenger platform. What does it mean with the EU's new privacy updates around the corner?
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Apps Or Mobile Websites? It Depends On Your Strategy

App Development | Mobile Marketing | Mobile Search/SEO
The BBC is dumping the Met Office because it can't build a good app. But an app isn't the be-all and end-all; mobile optimisation may be more profitable.
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Don’t Get In A Flap With Your App – How To Create a Great App

App Development | Digital Marketing | E Commerce | Website Promotion
Webpresence picks up the pieces of the Flappy Bird saga and finds a lot of lessons marketers can use to develop their own successful apps for their brands.
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