What The New Facebook Changes Mean To How You Market Your Small Business

Content Marketing | Facebook Promotion | Influencer Marketing | Instagram | Social Media Marketing (SMM)
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Personalisation And 5 Other Key Marketing Trends For 2018

Digital Marketing | Inbound Marketing | Influencer Marketing | Lead Generation | Marketing Automation | Personalised Search
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Avoiding AdBlock: How To Improve Your Chances Of Getting Seen

Influencer Marketing | Lead Generation | Mobile Marketing | Online Advertising | Online Branding
AdBlock software may be on the rise with privacy fears over mobile. Here are some tips on getting around the software to advertise in new creative ways.
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5 Key Tips On How To Partner With The Right Influencer

Content Marketing | Influencer Marketing | Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Studies show that brands want to work with influencers, but amazingly haven't got a clue how to find or approach them. Webpresence offers some key tips.
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How To Approach Content Sponsorship – 5 Top Tips

Content Marketing | Influencer Marketing | Online Branding | Social Media Marketing (SMM)
As the FTC in America updates its rules on sponsored advertising on social media Webpresence looks at how to build ethical sponsored content relationships.
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3 Free Ways To Share Your Content With A Wider Audience

Content Marketing | Influencer Marketing | Linkedin | Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Struggling to get your content out to a wider audience? Maybe you're not being social enough with it. Here are 3 sites that can help you share your content.
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How A Paid Vlogger Is More Dangerous Than A Paid Link

Influencer Marketing | Online Branding | Video Marketing | Youtube
An ASA ruling has ticked off companies and vloggers for failing to fully declare their paid-for ads. Here's why it needs to be nipped in the bud ASAP.
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RIP Authorship: 3 Content Marketing Tips To Help You Stand Out

Blog Marketing | Content Marketing | Influencer Marketing | Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Will content marketing be impacted by the death of Google Authorship? Webpresence looks at what content marketers and influencers can do to be more visible.
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How To Pitch To The Press To Build The Perfect Link

Content Marketing | Influencer Marketing | Link Building | Online Branding | Website Promotion
You may have five seconds maximum to pitch your press release to the media. How do you make them listen? Webpresence explains with some helpful PR tips.
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Digital Marketing – Why The Specialist’s Time Is Now!

Digital Marketing | Inbound Marketing | Influencer Marketing | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) | Website Development | Website Promotion
Webpresence looks at stats that show only 8 per cent of brands say their digital team is strong, and feel that it shows why the specialist's time is now.
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