Google Isn’t Happy That Brands STILL Aren’t Disclosing Relationships In 2016

Content Marketing | Google | Link Building | Online Advertising | Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Google has told people, again, to disclose relationships when advertising products. Why are people still doing it in 2016, and how can they fall in line?
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Are Links In Danger Of Being Replaced By Facts In Search?

Content Marketing | Link Building | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Will Google be getting rid of links and rank sites based on factual content? It may happen in the near future, but it asks more questions than it answers...
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How Paid Links Cheat The People That Matter Most

Google | Link Building | Penguin | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
More companies are getting caught trying to cheat search engines with paid links. Here's why paid links hurt more people than your own search rankings.
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Google Penguin 3.0 Is A Reminder To Build Links Ethically

Digital Marketing | Google | Link Building | Negative SEO | Penguin | Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Google has released Penguin 3.0, a refresh of its algorithm designed to combat spam and penalise sites that practise unethical link building for rankings.
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Has Google Created A Platform For Negative SEO Extortion?

Digital Marketing | Google | Link Building | Penguin | Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
An extortion group has been targeting people demanding money or they'll be the victims of link spam. Google offer little help so what steps should you take?
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All About Link Reclamation, And Doing It The Right Way

Community Building | Digital Marketing | Google | Inbound Marketing | Link Building | Penguin | Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Somebody has written content about you on the internet and neglected to put a link back to your site. Learn about link reclamation with Webpresence!
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The Crucial Difference Between Earning Links And Buying Them

Blog Marketing | Google | Link Building | Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Was Google right to penalise MyBlogGuest and its community? Webpresence takes a look at the crucial difference between buying a link and earning one.
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How To Pitch To The Press To Build The Perfect Link

Content Marketing | Influencer Marketing | Link Building | Online Branding | Website Promotion
You may have five seconds maximum to pitch your press release to the media. How do you make them listen? Webpresence explains with some helpful PR tips.
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Why Guest Blogging Needs PR And Big Data To Survive

Blog Marketing | Content Marketing | Digital Marketing | Google | Link Building | Online Branding | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) | Website Promotion
Webpresence analyses Matt Cutts' frustrations with guest blogging for backlinks, and finds solace in MoneySuperMarket's creative content marketing strategy.
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A Four Step Guide To Ethical Guest Blogging

Content Marketing | Digital Marketing | Inbound Marketing | Link Building
Guest blogging is still a great way to build links, but you need to listen to Google and use your own voice. Webpresence explains how to do it right.
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