Dorothy Perkins and Black Milk Show The Importance Of Consumer Trust

Inbound Marketing | Lead Nurturing | Online Branding | Social Media Marketing (SMM) | Website Promotion
Two brands have found themselves on the wrong side of the public this month for two very different reasons, and shows the importance behind consumer trust.
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Strategise Your Website SEO And Think For Yourself!

Digital Marketing | Google | Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) | Website Promotion
Google's changes don't mean that SEO is dead. Instead it means brands have to strategise from the very beginning and have the confidence to stick with it.
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Offline’s Increasing Importance In Effective Online Branding

Digital Marketing | Local Marketing | Online Branding | Website Promotion
A clever offline branding strategy is becoming crucial in the world of online marketing. Webpresence explains why, and how it applies to your website.
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How To Pitch To The Press To Build The Perfect Link

Content Marketing | Influencer Marketing | Link Building | Online Branding | Website Promotion
You may have five seconds maximum to pitch your press release to the media. How do you make them listen? Webpresence explains with some helpful PR tips.
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How To Personalise Your Emails For A Perfect Email Marketing Campaign

Conversion Rate Optimisation | E Commerce | Inbound Marketing | Website Promotion
With the release of Experian's latest email marketing statistics Webpresence shows you how to personalise your emails for better engagement and results.
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Creative Content Marketing – The Huge Benefits of Primary Research Investment

Article Marketing | Blog Marketing | Content Marketing | Website Promotion
You can have the best writers on your content team, but they won’t be able to do anything if they’re restricted to a strategy that stifles their creativity.
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Don’t Get In A Flap With Your App – How To Create a Great App

App Development | Digital Marketing | E Commerce | Website Promotion
Webpresence picks up the pieces of the Flappy Bird saga and finds a lot of lessons marketers can use to develop their own successful apps for their brands.
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Why Guest Blogging Needs PR And Big Data To Survive

Blog Marketing | Content Marketing | Digital Marketing | Google | Link Building | Online Branding | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) | Website Promotion
Webpresence analyses Matt Cutts' frustrations with guest blogging for backlinks, and finds solace in MoneySuperMarket's creative content marketing strategy.
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Case Study: 3 Videos That Show How To Spread REAL Brand Authority

Content Marketing | Digital Marketing | Online Branding | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) | Video Marketing | Website Promotion | Youtube
Webpresence takes a look at three videos that give brands real authority thanks to their consistent use of specialist knowledge shared in a simple way.
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Semantic Search Tips For The Future Of SEO

Content Marketing | Digital Marketing | Google | Inbound Marketing | Personalised Search | Social Media Marketing (SMM) | Website Promotion
Webpresence takes a look at semantic search following the release of Google Voice Search for Chrome and offers advice on how to use it for your content.
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