SEO can be a minefield, and it is very easy to make a mistake. Unfortunately making a mistake with your search engine optimisation can easily cost you, usually in a loss of visibility and a loss of traffic. Here are the top two SEO mistakes which we come across quite regularly:

1. Choosing inappropriate keywords. Sometimes the most obvious keyword is not the best one. You might look at your website and decide on the most obvious keyword or keyphrase. But the problem is that sometimes this might not be what people are actually searching for. It’s what people search for that matters, and what gets your site listed. It’s important to think about the actual words people type into a search engine, remembering that Google’s instant search results may mean that many of your potential customers won’t even need to type more than the first few letters of their search query. Choosing the wrong keywords can easily result in all your SEO effort elsewhere being largely wasted.

Google Instant
Example of Google Instant Results

2. Choosing inappropriate titles.
The <title> tag is essential, for several reasons. All too often people tend to just copy and paste their web page template, ignoring the title tag, which ends up being the same for every page of their website. You might think it looks good to have your business’s name as the title on every page, but not only does it do nothing for your SEO, but it will almost certainly result in your business being overlooked in the search listings. Your <title> tag is the first and most obvious line included in the search results pages, and is your chance not only to stand out but to make sure that your keyword is visible and your visitors see your site as relevant to their query. It’s also a good idea to include a call-to-action or special offers in the <title> tag, this will improve your click-through-rates (CTR).