Here’s a tip which may well seem a little counter intuitive as far as social marketing is concerned. If you’re spending a good deal of your time writing articles, blog posts and tweets all of which help to get your brand name out there and generate a whole heap of back links, try changing your approach a little.

Instead of writing a blog post every single day, why not cut down to just three blog posts a week, spending the time you would normally spend writing blog posts on the other four days writing comments on other people’s blog posts?

Blogging tipsThis may seem as though you’re helping boost their blog, but in fact it works to your advantage in several ways. First of all, if their blog post is well optimised and ranks fairly high up in the SERPs, your comment will include a backlink to your site, which is also therefore high up the search results. One short comment can mean one high ranking link to your site, and this is clearly a quicker and easier way of generating backlinks.

But also you’ll often find that people who follow the blog you’ve commented on will see your comment, and many will then visit your blog to see what else you have to say on the subject, increasing the number of people following your blog, boosting traffic and the rank of your posts.

Just thought I’d share that simple tip with you, it’s well worth considering!