Savvy webmasters have recently noticed a Panda refresh has been released into the wild.

Google doesn’t publicise when Panda updates happen anymore but the fluctuations in people’s rankings has convinced webmasters to reach out to the search engine for confirmation.

The algorithm which targets low-quality content on sites was first released in February 2011.

However this latest incarnation is more “finely targeted”, according to Google, with a number of webmasters that were initially hit by the rollout confirming ranking recoveries.

“In the last few days we’ve been pushing out a new Panda update that incorporates new signals so it can be more finely targeted,” commented Google.

These new signals have been designed to soften the original Panda algorithm and give webmasters a bit more breathing room when creating content.



Google’s Head of Webspam Matt Cutts commented in May: “We are looking at Panda and seeing if we can find some additional signals, and we think we’ve got some to help refine things for sites that are kind of in the border zone, the grey area a little bit.

“And so if we can soften the affect a little bit, for those sites, that we believe have got some additional signals of quality, that will help sites that were previously affected – to some degree.”

So I can put my old content back up?

On the contrary, that would be the worst thing you could do.

Google’s a stickler for fresh original content that complements the overall user experience. Panda was released to try and combat blocks of text full of keywords and sites that were only producing content to help rank higher in results pages.

Generating sales and enquiries with content

The ethical site and marketer will have been using content marketing – wittingly or unwittingly – as part of their branding for years, whether it’s the odd blog now and again to inform visitors or talking to customers over social media.

A targeted, intricate content marketing strategy though can help online brands generate more product enquiries, improve sales and generate leads.

Here are Webpresence’s five simple tips to generate new leads with a targeted content strategy:

1:The basics of lead generation

Lead generation, like content marketing, is another online marketing term that has gained a lot of prominence since link building and SEO in a traditional sense were affected by Google’s latest algorithms.

It’s the practice of generating enquiries, interest and sales for products and services, and content marketing is a key way of doing that for the modern online marketer.

2: Targeting the right leads

Use the three M’s of marketing to target the right people that you want your content to reachThere’s no point in generating leads for your products though if you haven’t taken the time to research your target market properly.

What’s the point in creating content targeted at females in their sixties, for instance, if your site provides products and services for the male youth market?

Use the three M’s of marketing to target the right people that you want your content to reach:

  • What’s the message you want your content to get across?
  • What market is that message intended for?
  • When you’ve identified your market and message, what medium is best to get your point across?

3: An incredible user experience

You have your market pinned down and are ready to create your content campaign. You’re hoping for a lot of leads, but take an objective look at your site. Is the user experience going to convert those leads generated by your content into sales?

It’s estimated that 68 per cent of customers leave a company because they don’t believe the brand cares about them enough.

That’s a pretty horrifying statistic, especially when considering that a lot of those that jump ship do so because of inaccessible websites.

That includes clear images of what the customer is purchasing, a simple checkout structure, detailed product descriptions and much more besides.

4: Creative, specialist content

Site ready to generate leads and feel you’ve got to grips with your target audience? Then it’s time to create some content that’ll blow them away!

Luckily for marketers that means having the opportunity to inject a little bit of creativity into their brand.

Creativity alone won’t be the sole success of a content marketing campaign, though. Let’s take a look back at the male interest category we mentioned when discussing targeting potential customers.


Identify that creative gap and produce content for your market that’s new, innovative, fresh and exciting!


If you’re selling car parts and accessories for males aged between 18-35 for instance then it’s likely they’ll already be getting their automotive content from a particular source.

Investigate those existing sources and the types of content they produce. Check their social media accounts to see how they publicly interact with their clients. How regular is the content they post and distribute?

Now for the fun bit – identifying that creative gap and producing content for your market that’s new, innovative, fresh and exciting!

Create a content calendar and populate it with eye-catching ideas that no competitor in your sector has even thought about.

Flesh out your content schedule and think of the mediums you’re going to use that are visible to your market and will generate traffic back to your site.

5: After the content has gone…

The beauty of content marketing is that it isn’t a one-off marketing tool. Depending on the type of content you create you can continue to distribute creations months and years down the line should relevant topics appear.

Content marketing is also a fantastic way to generate discussion on comments pages, forums and via social media.

And while you’ll be conveying positive discussions about the information in your articles, videos, infographics and more, you’ll also be relaying a brilliant customer service to customers and showing them how much you care about them.

Visible calls to action in your content will drive traffic back to your site and if it’s as attractive as your overall brand message and website then enquiries for your products and services will soon follow.

Want to learn more about content marketing and how it can accentuate your online profile? Get in touch with the Webpresence team today and speak to one of our expert advisors.