Creating clever calls to action

Two for the price of one.

How many times have you given in to temptation and dropped an extra jar of jam into your trolley, or another packet of biscuits because you’re getting another one for free?

There’s a reason. That call to action’s too good to refuse!

And if you want to start seeing your products flying from your virtual shelves then you need to graft that same philosophy into your site’s consciousness.

Creating clever calls to action

I’ve previously covered calls to action (CTA) and how important they are for helping to sell not only products on your site but your overall brand philosophy. Great web design is also a crucial factor.

But sometimes even that just isn’t enough.

You may have created an amazing website with a sharp design and large call to action prompts. But sales are still slow…

And not only sales – data is becoming such a critical ingredient in the online marketing process, and using it in the right manner can reap a number of rewards for your business.

The key? Having confidence in what your selling and incentivising your calls to action with clever, creative copy.

As easy as A/B C

It takes a lot of creativity, hard work, and an eye for detail to get a website looking its best.

However, as pretty as it is it may look to you it may be a navigational nightmare for your target market. Have you done your research on who you’re selling to and applied it to your site?

Before going live it’s wise to put your site through its paces and test it on real people to see their reactions and which pages and CTAs are grabbing their attention.

This is known as A/B testing and can be something of a laborious process. Luckily services such as Unbounce let you test new parts of your site and let you see their potential success rates.

I mentioned clever, creative copy though, didn’t I. Sometimes all your calls to action may need are a few tweaks in their wording for the leads to roll in.

How do you approach your calls to action and how has your philosophy affected your sales? Share your sales stories with me in the comments section below.

Incredible incentives to generate leads


Incredible incentives to generate leads


Take a look at the two examples below:

1: “Call 0800 XXX XXXX to speak to a representative today!”


2: “Call 0800 XXX XXXX now for a free personal consultation!”

It may only be a few words at the side of your website but there is a huge difference between those two sentences when it comes to generating leads.

Both are saying the same thing to an extent. Call our number today to speak to our staff.

But the way the second sentence is crafted is more powerful. It encourages potential leads to pick up the phone and call the number without hesitating and, most importantly, throws an incentive in there with a FREE personal consultation.

And that small change in text could be the difference between somebody interesting in using your products and services to somebody picking up the phone and talking to your sales team.

Content incentives for data collection

A lot of online businesses rely on that sort of primary call to action to immediately get in front of their customers.

Attracting calls to the sales team is an instant way to generate a sale, let them know how reliable and friendly your brand is, and encourage them to leave their email address and other contact details.

However a secondary call to action is just as important as a primary one, especially when it comes to data collection.

A potential customer may be browsing your site and is still undecided on whether to put some business your way.

This is where creative content marketing can come into play to not only incentivise your leads, but to gather data such as email address, social media profiles, and more.

Have you ever tried a content incentive strategy to generate more leads? How effective a tactic was it for your site? Let me know below!

Let your content be your guide

Getting the content, tone, and message of your site as crisp as possible is key to generating the leads to make your site a sales success.

‘Sign up to receive our newsletter’ is a popular and notable incentive. (Changing the tone of your emails, by the way, as with the copy example above, is another key way to generate leads.)

They may not be interested on the day, but leaving their email shows they have confidence enough in what they’ve seen to leave contact details and get more of your content via their personal address.

Incentive is the key word. Providing people with something for free means they are more likely to leave their details with you which you can turn into leads via email, social, and other channels.

Another popular incentive, and one that again shows the value of content marketing, is the guide route.

You may have seen it on a number of sites: ‘Enter your email address to download your free guide today!’

Not only is this a great way to capture the data you desire, but it’s also a brilliant way to get your creative, authoritative content out to a new audience.

Creating free guides for people to download packed full of content that no-one else has produced may just be the incentive that people need to leave their details, share your page socially, and more.

In fashion retail? Create an image-heavy guide for your audience that concentrates on the top upcoming seasonal trends for the year ahead.

And you don’t just have to focus on guides. Construct an industry whitepaper with data you’ve collected. Interview industry figures and promote it as an exclusive download-only feature.

The content possibilities are endless. But getting the content, tone, and message of your site as crisp as possible is key to generating the leads to make your site a sales success.


If you’d like to learn more about how to generate leads through your website contact Webpresence today to find out more!