3 Creative Tips To Get Your Marketing Message Right For A Growth Boost


You’ve been working incredibly hard on marketing your business online and have incorporated various different elements such as paid social media, PPC and more.

Yet, your growth is still stalling. How could this be? You’ve worked to target all the right people and show your message to communities most relevant to you.

They aren’t biting, though. So what’s the problem? One issue a lot of small businesses face when their growth stalls is that, though they’ve concentrated on data and targeting, the creative message may be well off.

Having a creative content strategy can be the difference between someone glancing at your website to them investing with your company and becoming a long-term customer.

Paying the price for a poor message

According to research from Adobe, 38% of people will stop engaging with a site if the content is unattractive.

But it’s not just copy on your website that can be a problem. If you put money into sponsoring a social media post or PPC ad then you could potentially be losing out on high-quality leads and sales.

Here’s a recent case from a Brazilian restaurant over in Liverpool that’s recently popped up on our own personal Facebook feed. Instead of a message, the ad has a few words which appear to just be the business address, even though the call to action is set to give directions to people wanting to discover more.

The food indicates it looks a lovely place, but we feel there’s a huge missed opportunity here, especially with some social advertising budget being spent. We think they’ll have gotten more interest than they will if they incentivised the copy, perhaps detailing some of their more popular products or providing a time limited offer.


Paying the price for a poor message

Be creative to complement your data

Copy and content will be one of the core parts of your business’s growth strategy, and it’s essential to complement a strong message with paid ads online if you’re looking for almost immediate potential growth.

Researching your audience is also essential to get a better grip of what sites they’re already using and the types of messages they react to and resonate with. Lenovo, for instance, managed to see a 63% increase in average lead value from B2B clients with a targeted social and content marketing campaign.

Being creative can be tricky for people, though, especially if they’re setting themselves growth targets such as collecting data, reaching out to new customers and targeting specific keywords for search success.

Here’s some tips on how to get your marketing message right;

1: Don’t look to reinvent the wheel

You may have an amazing sales brochure that people can get hold of in exchange for a piece of their data such as an email address or contact number.

Repeated testing though has shown that persuasive optimised copy such as ‘Join the club’, for example, is typically better than a generic order like ‘Download now’. Coloured visuals also make people want to read content more by 80%.

When it comes to potentially fast small business growth, though, optimising your copy and content can be especially important if you’re putting money into growth marketing tactics such as a paid search campaign or paid social media targeting.

You don’t need to write Shakespeare. Writing copy that sells your message and values as well as your products can help generate fresh, more effective leads for your business, especially if you budget to target and get in front of the right groups of people.

2: A/B test all of your campaigns

One of the most important things to consider when optimising any part of your website to convert more leads and encourage growth is to A/B test your landing pages to measure their effectiveness on your target audience.

A/B testing can also be used where copy and content is involved, not just on website landing pages but on email marketing campaigns and even social marketing efforts.


A/B test all of your campaigns


Though you only have a few words to get your message across it’s important to be creative with your copy and have a personality, especially if you’re looking to drive targeted traffic to a point of sale area on your website.

Testing is essential when it comes to producing creative copy to convert more sales, especially if you’re putting your budget into PPC and social targeting for quicker growth opportunities.

In both cases, you only have a handful of words available to you to show off your company, the products you have, the benefits they offer and why you’re better than the competition.

3: Consider going native when content marketing

Native advertising has been embraced by numerous companies and advertises, and is fast becoming the alternative to the age-old paid advertisement on news and blog sites. Native advertising can also provide higher quality leads thanks to the higher quality of the content produced for advertisers.

At the same time, content marketing alone could also provide nearly eight times more site traffic, cost significantly less than an outbound marketing campaign and drive higher conversion rates according to the Content Marketing Institute.

Producing high quality content and sharing it with the right targeted audience socially can help build a long-term rapport with potential customers. Get your strategy right and regular content can be an effective boost to any site’s search engine marketing campaign, helping sites show up higher in the rankings, especially if the right keywords are researched and implemented before publishing.

Paperless Post showed how to be punchy and creative with a recent Mothers’ Day email marketing campaign that urged people not to forget the day and to wish their mum well. Complementing the campaign, they followed up the message to encourage people not to forget the other mums they loved, such as aunts, sisters and grandmas.

Getting the balance between creative messaging and paid targeted media can be tricky at first. Get it right though, and it can be an integral part to any small business growth marketing campaign.


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