Are you a small business looking to attract more customers and get new leads?

If so then you’ll probably have tried building a Facebook page or have heard about the benefits of getting higher on Google for specific keywords.

They’re all important parts of marketing a small business online, but as you may have found out yourself, it takes a lot more than that basic understanding to take your company to the next level.

Within a lot of small businesses especially – whether at management level or the owner themselves – there’s a feeling that they have to monitor and manage social media themselves while they’re growing their business to keep a close eye on how the company interacts with potential customers.

There’s no problem with that, but social media management needs a lot of time dedicated to it. Consistency is key to social media success; it’s part of the reason why small businesses choose to partner with an agency to grow, as they’ll curate and post creative original content and interact with the people who matter to you most, allowing you to focus on running your business.

But are Facebook and Google the be-all and end-all?

Facebook and Google are the two that most small businesses feel they need to focus on most, and with good reason.

Especially when you consider the mobile market. The vast majority of people – especially your likely consumers – have a smartphone. According to statistics, the majority of their time is spent viewing Facebook- or Google-owned apps, showing the amount of power those two companies have on the online community.


it makes a lot of sense to have a presence on Facebook and Google


So it makes sense to concentrate all of your efforts on those two areas, right? Well, yes and no; it makes a lot of sense to have a presence on Facebook and Google, but it takes a lot of work to not only build an effective social and search presence, but to maintain it, especially if you operate in an industry with a lot of competition.

Your market will also be spending time around other places on the internet. The world would be a boring place if everybody just used Facebook and Google, right? It’s essential to research your market and discover where they spend their time online to reach out to them in the best ways possible.

Complementing the organic side with a budget

Spending time on Facebook and trying to increase your rankings on Google is an admirable, cost-effective and organic way to market yourself. That alone though won’t be enough for companies serious about their growth.

Putting some budget into those and other areas online though could produce almost-instant results:

1: Paid social

There’s a huge amount of noise on social media, and the way Facebook works now, it’s getting harder and harder for businesses to reach out to people by creating a page and posting alone. Also, Facebook isn’t the only social platform out there. Your market may enjoy spending time on Twitter, Pinterest and others, too.

The majority of social networks have tools that allow you to reach out to people based on incredibly refined demographics for a small spend. Facebook’s paid tools in particular offer unbelievable ways to attract people, so much so you can target locals who like cheese crackers. That lets you reach out to people most likely to listen to what you have to say and make a purchase.

2: Paid search

Likewise, if you’re looking to get as high up in Google’s rankings as possible for a particular keyword, it may take a while and a lot of hard work to get there organically. By putting some budget aside and investing in paid search, you can almost instantly appear at the top of Google’s search results by bidding on the keywords that matter to you most.

That puts your brand and your site in front of people specifically looking for your products and services. Retargeting is important too, to keep your brand in the minds of people who have shown an interest in you when they visit other websites. Refine and perfect a campaign and you could get huge results from a relatively low marketing spend.

3: Instagram

Instagram is a huge opportunity to be more visual and creative with your brand


Similar to our first point, Instagram is a huge opportunity to be more visual and creative with your brand to reach out to new audiences. It’s an instant way to communicate with an audience and wow them with a message produced by little more than your phone’s camera.

It can be done organically, but another perk of Instagram is that it’s now owned by Facebook. Their powerful targeting tools apply here too; you can create an incredibly targeted and visual creative on Instagram and have it running concurrently on Facebook to capture two different audiences at once, as well as telling a story.

4: Email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most highly-effective ways to not only reach out to an audience, but to encourage potentially hesitant and undecided customers to give your brand a chance. If they’ve left you their contact details in a fully transparent manner, then it’s still one of the most crucial ways to nurture leads and convert sales.

Again, consistency is key. The odd email now and again isn’t enough for serious growth. Partnering with an experience creative marketing agency can also open you up to the world of marketing automation, allowing you to schedule and refine campaigns for maximum impact and to keep your customers interested.

5: Your own blog

You may not think or feel it, but you are interesting and people will want to hear what you have to say. Creative content such as blogs and articles on your site are also not only there for people to read and to attract the right types of traffic, but they’re essential to helping your site climb up search engine rankings organically.

The content you produce could be the difference between a potential customer visiting your site and having a look around to turning them into long-term brand advocates who champion your cause and tell their friends and family you exist. Creative content is also key to propping up other areas of your campaign like social outreach and email communications.

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