So you’ve come to the conclusion that your competitors are outperforming you, and you’re pretty confident that their advantage over you comes from their use of social media. So what do you do? Do you increase the number of tweets you post? Do you update your Facebook page more often, publish blogs more frequently and leave comments on other people’s blogs and articles as often as you breathe?

social media marketingWhilst this may do the trick, it’s really only guess work, and guessing is not an advisable business practice, especially where the fickle world of social networking is concerned. In fact there’s a very simple way to identify how you could improve your social marketing. Simply spend 15 minutes or so having a look at each of your competitors’ social media presences. Read through their tweets, and look at who is following them, who they’re following, and how many of each there are. Look at the nature of their tweets, whether they’re using hash tags, re-tweeting, commenting on other people’s tweets and the proportion of tweets which include a link.

Spend a few minutes looking at their Facebook page, and again look at how they’re using it, the frequency of updates, the sort of things they’re offering, whether it’s advice, links, announcements, special offers or something else. By spending time looking at how other people are using social media sites to market their business more effectively you can learn some of the best ways in which you can adapt your own social marketing to achieve more impact without simply guessing.

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