Have you included the new Twitter button in your web pages or blog posts? How about the revamped Facebook ‘Like’ button? Both of these are great ways to help spread the word about your great content, but by including them you also increase your credibility. How?

Because both of these buttons display the number of people who have already clicked them. So the Facebook button has a number next to it displaying how many people ‘Like’ your content web page or blog. Similarly the Twitter button includes a number showing how many times your content has been tweeted about.

These numbers have two effects, both of which are important. Firstly, they encourage more people to click on them. Seeing the fact that other people have commented or reacted to the content tends to make subsequent people do the same. It’s a social phenomenon, where approval begets approval.

But the other effect is that visitors to your website see that a number of people have take action to explicitly declare their approval of your content. This increases your credibility significantly, boosting the chance of your visitor becoming an actively engaged visitor with a positive impression, which in turn increases the chance of them becoming a customer.