There’s a young pretender rising in the world of social media. Say hello to Ello.

Will Ello Be A Good Addition To Social Media Marketing Campaigns?It’s easy to see why it’s gaining momentum. Social media’s all about communication and Ello’s saying the right things. It’s a brand new social network promising to pummel Facebook into the ground and do social media ‘the right way’.

Its message is very urban; bohemian, almost. People using other social networks are used as a commodity, Ello says, and that their philosophy is a world away from what you’re used to.

Ello’s getting a lot of press attention and there’s no doubting that its manifesto is a vote-winner: ‘Your social network is owned by advertisers. Every post you share, every friend you make and every link you follow is tracked, recorded and converted into data.’

The curious can’t just jump in. It’s invite only; a tease designed to make you wait while everyone else is enjoying something bold, new, and fresh while you bite your nails on the sidelines.

But when you finally get access to Ello you’ll have a pure social media experience that’s better than any other. That’s why so many people are flocking to it, right?

What are your thoughts on Ello? Is it the next big thing in social media or a massive flash in the pan? Let me know in the comments section below.

Too good to be true?

If it sounds too good to be true then it usually is. Despite its large commitment to social ethics a number of people have questioned Ello’s approach and claims, pointing out that it’s funded by venture capitalists.

How it’s funded isn’t a problem at all, so long as people are upfront and transparent about it. Some have also noticed Ello’s privacy policy which says amongst other things ‘Ello does not have any affiliated companies right now. But if we do in the future, we may share information with them, too.’

Venture capitalists aren’t going to be pumping money into a new company free of charge, of course, and the people working on it are going to need to make a living somehow.

One sceptic has suggested that any original content posted on Ello automatically becomes its property; a way of generating funds? He also says ‘Ello isn’t answering any question I can think of’ which is pretty cutting.


That hasn’t stopped it growing. Despite the holes people are picking Ello seems to have touched a nerve, and people are flocking towards it in droves, so much so that people are selling invitations on eBay.

At one point Ello was thought to be getting approximately 34,000 sign ups an hour, leading to invites being frozen so the network could cope with its astonishing growth.


At one point Ello was thought to be getting approximately 34,000 sign ups an hour


So what does this mean for social media marketing and SEO?

It’s an encouraging move, especially if Ello continues its growth and continues to flesh itself out post-beta.

Having a presence online is always going to beneficial for you and your business, especially if you have time to converse with people and build up some core followers as you have been with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and the rest.

How do you use your social media profiles and what successes have you had with them? Do you have any stories to tell? Let me know below!

(Another) but…

Social media isn’t the future. It’s been a mainstream marketing tool for years now and has been very beneficial for companies of all shapes and sizes.

And if you’re looking to add Ello to your armoury it’s probably going to cost you.

Ello’s freemium model means that it’s going to be charging people to add on features. Want to run a personal and business account from the same login? It’ll probably cost you, as will – surprisingly – privacy features.

If you’re already shelling out promoting your content on Facebook, Twitter, and the other social big boys are you going to see a good return on investment from pumping more of your money into another social channel?

So what does Ello mean for social media marketing and SEO?Targeting is a highly effective way to gain interest on social media and curate the right audience. But there are other ways to attract attention.

Here are some social tips to help you run an effective social media campaign:

1: Discover your target market

There’s no point in just having social media profiles for the sake of it and waiting to be discovered. You need to find out where your target market is spending its time online and take the time to talk to them. It’s worth taking the time to speak to people in your area online and build up local links over time to create a core customer base.

2: Create relevant content and share it

Social media and content marketing campaigns make excellent bedfellows and are natural ways to attract traffic and pique visitor interest. Create content relevant to your users and share it with them on social media, and share other people’s content too to join in the conversation. Don’t go overboard, though, and spam people’s feeds with your own stuff.

3: Always be professional

There have been so many high-profile social media disasters that it’s hard to know where to start! Social media is so easy to use that it’s easy to forget that you’re representing your company 24/7. It’s a simple rule to remember; treat others how you yourself expect to be treated. Don’t swear at them, lose patience, or be rude. You’re essentially a customer service team which is always available.

Ello’s going to be in the public consciousness for months, and who knows whether it’ll succeed in toppling Facebook and the other social big boys?

I’ll be keeping my eye on it as it grows and will experiment with it to let you know if it’s a channel worth using for some serious online business growth.


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