Most of us include a whole array of ways in which visitors to our websites can share information with other people. From ‘Email This’ buttons to social network links there are many alternative ways for your content to be passed around. But what do you think is the single most common way in which people share information online today? Facebook? No. Twitter? No.

In fact it’s the old ‘copy and paste’ routine, with your web content copied and then pasted into an email. Copying text or images from your website is the most frequent way people are sharing your hard work and original ideas, yet what are you getting out of that sharing? Nothing.


Well, fortunately there’s a way in which you can change that by making sure that you are credited every time someone copies text or images from your site and then pastes them into an email, tweet, on Facebook, their blog or anywhere else. Head over to and register a free Tynt Publisher Tools account (there’s also a very brief video overview!). When you do you’ll be provided with a custom snippet of code (JavaScript) which you simply need to paste anywhere within the HTML of your web pages.

It takes just minutes, yet from the moment you set it up your content will be protected in a way that will ensure you’re credited for every bit of content leaving your site. For every one person who clicks an ‘Email This’ button on your site, a staggering 90 others will just copy and paste your content.

In summary, once you’ve inserted the snippet of code any content copied from your site will appear with a credited link back to the web page it came from. This is a great way of;

1. Protecting your content

2. Increasing the number of backlinks to your site (for SEO) – In fact it may be one of the easiest and quickest SEO strategies there is.

3. Measuring social impact

4. Improving user engagement

5. Boosting traffic.