Facebook News Feed UpdateTime definitely seems to be the keyword over at Facebook at the moment. Obviously we’re all waiting in anticipation of the new update looming on the horizon called Timeline which will completely change the way the Facebook wall and profile looks. Many people are dreading this, although we’re reserving judgement at this time.

But time is also the word being used by Facebook today as they launch an update which provides an additional way in which you can view the news stories. You’re probably aware that not long ago Facebook changed the way news stories appear on your home page, with top stories (deemed top by Facebook anyway) are flagged by a blue triangle in the top left corner. Now however you can also sort your news stories in chronological order, allowing you more control over which news stories you get to see first.

By enabling users to sort news stories either by having top stories first or most recent stories first Facebook hopes that we’ll see this as having a more personal form of digital newspaper. Just how this will all slot in to the new Timeline update we’re not sure – it’s possible this is a prelude of course.

How do you feel about the new update? Are you looking forward to the Timeline feature which Facebook are preparing to roll out?

Read Facebook’s original blog post here: https://blog.facebook.com/blog.php?post=10150286921207131