I hear this quite a lot. Reputable, professional business people who shun Facebook because they feel it’s really just full of teenagers doing what teenagers do. If you’re guilty of this attitude then it’s essential that you understand just how wrong this is.

Facebook StatisticsFirstly, the number of users between the ages of 35 and 44 has increased by over 50% over the past three years, with those in the 45-54 age bracket increasing by almost as much. There are over a quarter of a billion Facebook users who have left college and are of working age, with over 20 million people becoming fans of business pages every single day. One and a half local businesses have active Facebook profiles, with users on average spending an hour every single day on Facebook, sharing information, likes and recommendations.

Are you sure you want your business to miss out on all that?

Whilst it is true that Facebook did start off as primarily a social networking platform for college students, that was back in 2004. A great deal has changed during the last 7 years, and today Facebook is every bit as much a business networking and marketing platform as it is a social network.

Of course though, like anything, it’s easy to get it wrong. If you approach Facebook from the point of view of social networking then you’ll probably not get very far. Instead you need to approach your use of Facebook from the perspective of your business. So rather than creating a personal profile for your business, create a fan page instead. Use Facebook advertising just as you would use Google’s PPC advertising platform, and use the networking tools provided to target prospective clients and related businesses rather than just friends and family.

Oh, and don’t assume that everyone on Facebook is in the US. Over 70% of all Facebook users are outside of the United States, with the UK being the second most represented country in the world with 24 million users – that’s almost half the country!

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