Previously in this blog I have written about how businesses can benefit from using Facebook in the right way, including creating a fan page rather than a personal page, and how best to market that page. But there’s an area I haven’t touched on previously which I think bears mention, and that’s the use of Facebook plugins.

Facebook Fan Page Plugins

In fact Facebook plugins isn’t something which many businesses have explored fully, yet there’s a great deal of potential marketing lost through using Facebook ‘au naturelle’. Let me share with you two of the best Facebook plugins I’ve come across, before handing over to you to share your recommendations.

1. TabPress Custom iFrame Tabs –

On your fan page you’ll notice a navigation panel on the left hand side, which includes items such as the number of fans you have, a brief biography and other such things. By adding in TabPress Custom iFrame Tabs you’re immediately able to add in anything you like in this panel, reconstructing it using straightforward HTML. Add images, logos, links to specific web pages or resources, contact details and much more.

Just visit the link above and then click ‘Add to my Page’, then look for the green an orange icon in the left hand pane. You can then create unique content for those who are non fans, as well as unique content specifically for those who are fans. This helps you create a much more dynamic presence, giving you the chance to promote anything from your Twitter feed to new products or services, YouTube videos to podcasts, all from your Facebook Fan Page.

2. Polls –

Getting feedback is important for any business, and Facebook provides an ideal platform to achieve this. But don’t hope that you’ll get enough feedback through comments alone. Running a poll is a great way of collecting data. For example, if you’re not sure which new service to launch, why not run a poll and see? The results could not only surprise you, but also help you avert a bad decision, as well as promoting the new service before it’s even launched.

Running a poll is easy, and it only takes a few seconds to get set up. Visit the link above, and click on ‘Add to my Page’. Then click the link to get started, and type in the question and the options. This sort of basic poll is completely free, although there are other options which are paid for, such as hiding ads, hiding the results and showing comments, each of which currently costs about £5, or for about £50 you can unlock all premium features for a whole year.

So those are a couple of my favourite Facebook plugins for business – but what are yours? Please share your favourite plugins with us by using the comments box below.