Did you know that Facebook has just introduced yet another new feature as it continues to compete with Twitter? Until now it has only been possible to have one list of friends on Facebook, and for many businesses this has proved something of a problem.

How do you communicate with just one category of those people who may be following your Facebook updates? Unless you do it manually, which is time-consuming, there hasn’t really been any alternative.

Until now, because Facebook has now introduced Groups. You can access this new feature by clicking on the accounts link at the top right corner of your Facebook page, and then choosing to edit your friends. You can set up a number of different groups, and then add various people in different combinations to those groups.

For businesses this is very useful, because you can set up one group of customers, another group of potential customers who may have been hooked into following your profile through special offers, newsletters or other incentives, suppliers, other businesses with whom you are networking, and perhaps personal contacts.

This provides you with the opportunity to be able to offer a more tailored service targeting just those people in just the right way. It only takes a few minutes to set up, but could well result in a much more targetted use of Facebook in the future.