facebook fansIt’s surprising just how many people think that Facebook’s value comes from being able to attract and create new customers. In fact this isn’t what Facebook is about at all, and it’s not hard to see why.

If you have a business fan page, who exactly is going to become a fan? The truth is that there are relatively few people who spend their days trawling the internet for businesses they’ve never heard of, never come across before and never dealt with in order to become a fan!

Research clearly shows that 84% of all those who are fans of Facebook business pages are current customers, and this makes a lot of sense. I suspect that a good proportion of the remaining 16% are people who work for the company too! But understanding what the point of having a Facebook company page is goes a long way towards helping to identify the best way of making use of it.

By having an easy way of regularly communicating with your existing client base you can effectively take email marketing to a whole new level. In fact it would make a great deal of sense if the person responsible for your company’s email marketing was also the person responsible for managing the company’s Facebook page. This is where the power of Facebook for business lies, not with attracting new customers by shouting about how fantastic the business is, but communicating with existing customers to maximise the existing business interest.

How do you leverage Facebook? As a customer acquisition tool or for improving customer relations? Let us know by leaving a comment below.



Image Credit: http://fansonline.net