The war between Facebook and Google+ is hotting up. This week a web developer tried to run an advert on Facebook asking for anyone else who had a Google+ account to add him to their network. Facebook’s response was swift. They quickly pulled his advert, and promptly disabled his account.

After eventually getting his Facebook account back, he is now permanently banned from running any adverts on Facebook. Whilst this attitude from Facebook is perhaps not entirely surprising, it’s not likely to win them many friends either.

There’s something deeply ironic about two massive social networks that won’t have anything to do with each other and penalise anyone who dares to mention one through the other.

It seems as though we could end up with a situation where the internet is divided into the Roundheads and the Cavaliers, although quite how this interesting political battle will develop if Microsoft’s Tulalip project ends up coming to fruition is anyone’s guess. Now where did I put my musket?