The speed at which a website loads has always been important. Back in the old days of dial up modems a website with just a few images and a couple of fancy scripts could take ages to load, and whilst we were happy to sit there waiting, these days we want it now, now, now! We’re paying for broadband for goodness’ sake – now give us the damn page!

Website speed is a ranking factorThis means that if your website is taking too long to load people are likely to go back to the search results and try elsewhere. It’s probably quicker to do that anyway. But these days there’s another reason why speed matters. Increasingly the search engines are using a web page’s loading time as one factor in assessing where it should rank in the search results. A trend we’re seeing at the moment, especially in Google, is that faster loading websites are now outranking slower loading sites.

So whether you consider it from the point of view of good SEO, or retaining customers, it’s well worth looking at how you can speed up your site. Take a quick test now – hop over to and enter your URL. Our site came in at 1.72 seconds, which we’re pleased to say is very fast indeed, and considerably above average. In fact Google takes 1.8 seconds to load, so we’re better than Google!

Once you’ve carried out a speed test, please enter your website URL and the speed it takes to load it in the comments box below. Let’s see how your sites do!