Where To Find Viral Content To Boost Your Brand's Social Standing


Recently, there was a story on the BBC about how a website and Facebook page that was started in the UK has grown to become a fast-growing, successful million-pound business.

You might know Viral Thread. The company began as a place that collected and curated content that was going viral across the internet to build its own audience.

Now, Viral Thread has over 12 million global followers on Facebook and is creating its own content to advertise partner products and more.

We’re not saying that you should aim to become that and try to replicate that model for your own business. But there is a lot to learn here when it comes to curating content online, growing an audience and connecting with influencers.

Joining and creating conversations is key to online growth to further your brand’s reach as well as entertain them. So where do you find this content and how do you use it to grow?

The case of the BBC baby

It’s actually much easier than you may think to curate online content and share it to grow a following; something that Facebook pages such as TheLadBible and BuzzFeed have done incredibly well over the years.

Not just niche pages, either. News organisations such as the BBC, the Independent, Daily Mail and many more are making the most of curated and user-generated content to entertain their existing audience and reach out to new ones.

A fortnight ago, within minutes of a toddler and a baby wandering into a BBC interview with a specialist in South Korea, the incident was synonymously being shared across Facebook, Twitter and other social channels to get reactions, comments, retweets and other forms of digital culture currency.

Websites like Reddit are key to cultivating content and discovering videos, gifs, stories and more that can capture the interest and attention of your target audience.

Reddit has essentially killed off the traditional forum, and has enough subreddits (subforums) dedicated to the most weird and wonderful movements as well as common interest such as cars, photography and more.

Fark and Digg are also places where people can discover rising trends, but away from that most popular pages will scour Reddit to find the content that matters most to their audience to repost.



Be fair when you share

That doesn’t mean that small business owners should just go and post any old thing from the most popular Reddit pages, though, in a bid to boost traffic to their website and come across as funny.

It simply doesn’t work that way, and there are a lot of cultural issues to consider when sharing content curation with an audience. For instance, a lot of people can get annoyed when Facebook pages just repurpose content and don’t give any credit to the creator.

It’s essential to try and get permission from the creator to reuse and share their content. International copyright laws can be a minefield, and even something as simple as reposting a recipe in gif form over in the US can lead to all sorts of trouble.

If you post it on social media then you’re acting as a publisher, after all. With that in mind, it’s more than worth your time creating your own content on a regular basis and encouraging it to be shared.

Creating your own content for the internet age to attract an audience also isn’t as hard as you think it may be. Here are some tips to help you create legally-sound content that helps you get noticed:

1: Use royalty-free images and text programmes

Content creators know just how hard it can be not just to find the perfect picture, but to find the perfect picture that’s royalty-free and licensed for use across any and every commercial purpose.

There are better search engines that are cropping up though that can help you find the perfect picture as well as use it legally in any way you wish. LibreStock is a stock image search engine that pulls images from various sites, whilst Unsplash can help you find HD royalty-free images.

Once found and you have an idea of what you want to do, free graphic design sites like Canva can help you alter an image for commercial purposes.

2: Keep focused on trends and be part of them

When creating content for an audience it’s essential to keep an eye on industry trends and to see what people are interested in to show your relevance.

Keep an eye on what’s in the news, but also keep up to date on what people are talking about on the most popular social media platforms. Both Facebook and Twitter have trending sections that give you insights into local and global topics of conversation, whilst a quick search can help you discover the most popular hashtags on Instagram.


Cultivate an audience who will appreciate you


If you can relate your posts to your brand identity, your products and your services then even better. Knitting together original advertising content with current trends can be tough, but get it right and it can be an excellent introduction into who you are and what you’re all about.

3: Cultivate an audience who will appreciate you

As sites like BuzzFeed and LadBible have done, they’re using targeted social media channels in unique ways to cultivate audiences that they feel will react in the best ways to their content and resonate with the message of the brand.

Facebook’s Power Editor and targeting tools are incredibly deep, and also allow advertisers to get the most from their images on the visual and Facebook-owned platform Instagram, too. Facebook allows advertisers to target people based on their age, location, interests, marital status and many other factors.

The more budget people put into their targeting efforts, the better results they’re likely to experience. Complementing a targeted campaign with the right creative content for your audience can be a gateway to introduce them to your products, services and sales funnel.

If you’d like to know more about how to create content to promote your website and the best channels to use to attract a targeted audience, contact Webpresence today to speak to a representative.