There can be no argument that leads are the lifeblood of any business, and inbound marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing that you can use to generate leads, and consequently grow your business.

When a business attracts visitors to their website naturally via search engines, social media and blog content, they become more appealing compared to other forms of marketing. After generating traffic, the next step is to generate leads using skills such as email marketing, and lead nurturing.

Below are some techniques that you can use to generate leads through inbound marketing;

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Get an attention grabbing idea to generate leads

At the heart of every business, is the brand’s idea or message. It is imperative that a company identifies a relevant and core focused, attention grabbing message, without necessarily being too pushy for the sale.

Focus on the main idea and message, and target your audience through social media and blogs. Use your content in such a way that it translates into potential leads by grabbing people’s attention and keeping them engaged.

Maintain content as king

When it comes to generating leads, content is king. It performs a core function in marketing and engages web visitors whilst arousing their interest in a specific brand, its products, and its services.

When creating content, businesses need to establish what qualities or characteristics make them stand out from the crowd, and what benefits they can offer to prospects. However, there is much more to content, it ought to be not only powerful, but also relevant, and engaging, while at the same time fitting the needs of their target market.

Social Media Conversations

Recent studies indicate that social media is an emerging and leading channel for lead generation, it is rapidly becoming the first place that your customers connect with your products and services. This means that a business must have a clear and consistent conversation with prospects as much as possible to increase the chances of transforming them into ‘ready to buy’ customers.

speaker connecting with an audienceConnect with your online audience

When a business builds an online presence, it is also able to build a profile of potential customers. These profiles will largely depend on the business capacity to connect with prospects, and in taking time to comment and communicate regularly. This allows the business to establish an authority within that field or industry, and enhances its presence within the community. Additionally, it also helps to share great resources with your audience, which enhances the professional presence, boosts connectivity with the online community, and ultimately generates new leads.

Match the offline and online presence

Inbound marketing requires consistency; When a business has a good consistent behaviour, potential customers respond positively. This means that you must maintain the same online personality and conversation when you are offline. This enables you to have a strong initial meeting with the potential clients when you meet with them, which consequently builds up the relationship.

SEO – Use the search engines as a conversion engine

People conduct approximately 88 trilliion searches monthly on Google alone. This translates into massive opportunites for businesses to target their prospects in real time accross the major search engines through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Buinsesses should consider the persona of their target market and develop a keyword strategy aimed at increasing their search engine visibilty for the search terms their prospects are using to find the products and services they need.

Pay-Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click marketing is another effective tool to generate inbound leads. Businesses need to perform thorough keyword research, identify those that have minimal competition, and then group and organise the keywords into logical categories.

Once a business has an inbound marketing system up and running smoothly they must repeat the steps to ensure a consistent stream of new leads, increase brand awareness and ensure that they stay ahead of the competition.